Hiram College

Health and Wellness: Beyond the Classroom

Health Beyond the Classroom

Hiram College's excellence in the health arena extends well beyond the classroom.

In addition to being about course work and graduate school preparation, Hiram Health is also about healthy living. The program sponsors many educational, interactive, and fun events to those who are interested in pursuing health-related fields or simply want to lead a healthier life style at college. 

To help students stay healthy, Hiram:

  • fields 18 NCAA Division III athletic teams with over 40% of our student body involved
  • coordinates health and wellness fairs, workshops, and the Julia Church Health Center.
  • sponsors a campus chapter of Active Minds, part of a national nonprofit to promote mental wellness.
  • maintains walking trails and wildlife preservation activities at the James H. Barrow Biological Field Station.
  • teaches sustainable practices through programs offered at the eco-friendly TREE House.
  • opens its convenient Les and Kathy Coleman Sports, Recreation and Fitness Center to all students, faculty and staff.
  • encourages students from all majors to participate in the arts, recognizing that “being whole” is best achieved when physical, mental, social and spiritual needs are met.

Whether you are interested in a health-related a major, or as something that is important to you on a personal level, Hiram is the place to learn about and live a healthy life style.