Hiram College

It’s almost Thanksgiving, but before we can dig into mashed potatoes and stuffing, we have to somehow survive finals week.

So, it’s finals week! That textbook you’ve haven’t cracked open this semester? Yeah, it might be a good time to take a peek. But between the craziness, crying, and cramming, take time to take care of your mind and body this week! Here are a few tips to make it through the week:

  1. SLEEP!

That all nighter studying for your exam may seem like a good idea, but your body needs sleep. Although you may not be getting an ideal eight hours, try to get at least more than four.

  1. EAT!

(And, yes that includes waking up 20 minutes earlier to get breakfast!) Make time to fit in meals and snacks during your day. Nuts, cranberries, cottage cheese, fruit, veggies, and other “brain foods” are great to snack on and give your body the nutrition it needs. If you’re camping out in the library, pack your bag with a few extra snacks to get you through the night. Remember: the dining hall also has to-go meals!

  1. Call home

It’s totally okay to call mom and dad and cry about the 10 page paper due on the same day as your chemistry final and that 15 minute presentation the day after. In fact, it’s sort of therapeutic. It’ll also be a nice reminder of the upcoming break and of the fun you can spend with your family.

  1. Music

Have a playlist on hand to calm your nerves while you’re studying for finals. Add your favorite artists to remind you that everything will be okay.

  1. Friend time

After you and your friends have spent hours studying, head out for some fun. It can be a quick Chipotle run and a couple of hours of no talking about finals or anything academic. Allow yourself to hang out with friends and live a little. You will be 110% happier afterwards.


Take a deep breath. You’re okay. Life is okay. How you do on these finals will not determine how you do in life. Your grades do not define you. Most importantly, take time to take care of yourself.

Good luck, I’m cheering for you!