Hiram College

What do you get when you combine health and science with the humanities? The answer — biomedical humanities — is not the punchline to a joke, but is an emerging interdisciplinary field which Hiram College happens to be at the forefront of as the home of the nation’s first such major.

Get a glimpse of what this major is like by reading this student-written poem about mothers and autism spectrum disorders, written for the introductory course “Exploring Ability and Disability Through Performance: Autism Spectrum Disorder.” Students were required to read a scientific article and write a creative piece based on the article.


By D’Nautica Philpot ‘16


Well what about us,

We have problems too you know.

It’s not as easy as it looks,

Stress from the school, work and home.

You just don’t understand how much stress it add,

It’s an extra four steps for your one step.

I love my child with all my heart,

But sometimes it’s just a lot of stress.

My husband doesn’t help,

He just adds to the stress.

I feel that our relationship is dwindling,

The strong light it once was, isn’t anymore.

I wish that he would understand,

We aren’t going to be how we used to be.

My job doesn’t care that I have

3 kids, a husband, 2 children with autism and

A sick mother.

But who’s to say that my life isn’t stressful.

Who’s to say that I can’t be strong all the time?

Who’s to say that this would be easy?

I just want support, from anyone who

Will give me support.

He knows that I can’t do this thing on my own,

So I explain that I need his help.

He understands, finally.

But it’s still not enough.

I just want to be stress free,

But what is life without a little stress.