Hiram College

Written by Jory Gomes ’18

On April 26, 2018 Hiram College hosted its 3rd annual Hiram HealthFest, a day dedicated to healthy living and the health professionals. Students, professors, and community members presented and hosted tables on topics like mental health, fitness assessments, mindfulness and technology, disability and diversity, as well as the history of plagues and epidemics. All of these panels and presentations were amazing, but perhaps the most striking part of the HealthFest was the Dining Hall.

Because of the HealthFest, the dining hall hosted an all-campus lunch filled with healthy food, showing the student body, and the plethora of high school students on campus, that healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring.

Hannah Waldman ‘20 and Sophie Bell ‘19 both said that they wished the dining hall served that kind of healthy food everyday. Like most students, Waldman said the Dining Hall food is always pretty good, but the dishes they served for the HealthFest just felt different—“the food is always so good there, that when they made explicitly healthy food, I was surprised at how good it was.” Bell added that she particularly loved the grilled chicken and the no-cheese margherita pizza. On the pizza she said that it was “100% better than just plain cheese. And I love cheese, so that says a lot!”

Professors loved the food too—“I love the asparagus, I’d love to see more of that in the Dining Hall” said Roxanne Sorrick, Ed.D., Professor of Education and Department Chair. Matt Sorrick, Director of the Center for Science Education and the Northwoods Field Station followed Dr. Sorrick’s comments by saying, “It was really good, we had a great meal. I’m a little annoyed that I have to walk up the hill for dessert, but I love the sentiment. Physical activity is important!”

It’s evident that everyone loved the Dining Hall’s new healthy menu, despite the fact that people had to walk up the hill to the Kennedy Center for dessert. A lot of people commented on how the Dining Hall food was obviously healthier, but that a lot of it tasted better too. Fresh vegetables, grilled meats, delicious salads, and much more were devoured with glee. Perhaps there is room for more of this kind of food in the Dining Hall. Don’t get me wrong, some days you just need your tater tots, but I think the whole campus would like to see some fresher, healthier options at the Dining Hall.

Bell said it best when she told me “the best food item in the Dining Hall today was the berry oatmeal bake this morning. Like the food at lunch, it was super healthy and full of fresh fruits. When I talked to the chef who made it, they said it was just something new she saw on Facebook and she wanted to try it out.” Bell finished by saying that “I hope the Dining Hall continues the experimentation with newer and healthier food.”

It can be hard to eat healthier if you’re so used to thinking that healthy food isn’t as good. But, with the Dining Hall’s help, Hiram’s campus is sure to be healthier in the future.