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Image: Hiram students


Liberty, OH
Biomedical Humanities Major
Biology, Chemistry, and Public Health Minors.

Saunders is the President of Hiram College Medicus and the Vice President of Hiram College CRUSH. He is also an Eclectic Scholar and Garfield Center for Public Leadership Scholar. Previously, Saunders served as the 2021-2022 Student Senate President and is currently working on Biomedical Humanities research. Saunders enjoys the community at Hiram and how supportive his faculty members have been. “I am grateful to have developed these long-standing relationships with my peers and faculty. Hiram has given me the opportunity to truly go outside of my comfort zone and explore a variety of interests,” said Saunders.

The scholarships provided from donor money has assisted in sharing the financial responsibility of receiving a Hiram education. It has allowed me to not worry about seeking employment, but instead seek experiences that will better prepare me for my future.

Trey Saunders ’23

Eustis, FL
Biomedical Humanities/Pre-Med

Angarita serves as a Resident Assistant on campus, is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, and is part of the sports medicine staff that assists the athletes on campus. He feels that being at Hiram has helped him discover and celebrate his identity. “At Hiram, I have been granted many opportunities such as study abroad trips and internships that have allowed me to network and meet fellow peers on the same path as I am,” said Angarita.

I am from Central Florida and attending an institution is very expensive out of state! The scholarships and grants I have earned are the reason I was able to make the move and come to Hiram.

David Angarita ’24

Avon Lake, OH
Biology, Exercise Science Major
Psychology Minor

As a student that is paying for college herself, Price is thankful for the scholarships she has received because of the Hiram Fund. “Scholarships have made a world of difference in my ability to be able to afford Hiram. It was my dream to go to a small private school due to the great professors and small class sizes,” said Price. On campus, she is involved with the women’s soccer team, SAAC, chemistry club, MEDICUS, CURSH, the eclectic scholars and student ambassador program, works in the athletic training room and studies biochemistry research. “Each of these different clubs, work, and teams have introduced me to different opportunities that I would have never been able to achieve at a large school.”

I truly appreciate your support and donations to my education and the opportunity to experience a unique culture that Hiram has created. You have helped me achieve a greater success than what I previously thought possible

Tayleigh Price ’24

Fairview Park, OH
Educational Studies Major, Concentration in Higher Education and Residence Life

LaPointe serves as the Education Club Vice President and is the AmeriCorps Service Leader where he helps run the Hiram Access Pantry for Personal Items (HAPPI) Place. This provides food and hygiene products to underserved students and community members. “Receiving scholarship funds has helped me attend college in the first place! Financing your own education is hard, and having scholarships available takes a lot off my plate. I work less and have more time for studying and participating in campus organizations,” said LaPointe.

I am so thankful for the scholarships I’ve received. Without help from alumni, I would not have been able to attend Hiram, let alone be a part of these amazing organizations.

Jared LaPointe ’24

Alumni Executive Board Member

I have found that my liberal arts education has provided me with opportunities that are not limited to my area of study at Hiram. Hearing views from others that did not share my background has provided me with insight into the world at large and how I can make a positive impact. My time at Hiram has given me the confidence to share my voice, my time, and my talent where I am needed.

Lethia Grimes ’95

Director of Burton D. Morgan Center for Integrated Entrepreneurship

Dr. Strukel has been directly affected by the Hiram Fund in the classrooms he teaches in. Every room now has an Apple TV which allows seamless content sharing, and students can mirror their screens during pitch competitions and presentations. He said, “From their iPads, students can do just about anything! They can create flyers, posters, podcasts, and videos on their portable devices. It has opened assessments up to so many possibilities. Upgraded technology has enabled faculty to be more creative with classes and assignments.” Dr. Strukel works to help his students develop themselves into the person they aspire to be, both professionally and personally by the time they get their degrees through experiential learning, mentorship, internships, and programming.

Hiram has allowed me to grow as a professional more than any other place I have worked at. The growth I have experienced now in 7.5 years at Hiram is amazing, and I couldn’t have done it without the great people I have worked with and learned from here at Hiram.

David Strukel, Ph.D.