Hiram College

Welcome Back to the Hiram Hill - Fall 2020

Welcome Back to the Hiram Hill – Fall 2020

We have heard the growing chorus of calls from students, staff, and faculty, telling us how much they want to come back to campus to learn, work, and teach. At the same time, a number of leadership teams on campus are working nonstop to make all of this happen. We have built plans that emphasize safety and allow for social distanced interactions that will nurture the type of community we know and love.

Our preparations for the fall are driven by our interest in bringing the Hiram community together physically in as safe a way as possible. We are lucky to have access to resources and insight available from federal, state, and local authorities, and we are using those to inform and guide our strategies to bring campus back to life.

We will proactively share updates and new resources as they are available in coming weeks, and those additional resources will also be available here. Given we are constantly learning about this pandemic, the guidance here may change as circumstances evolve.