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Stephen Mahle, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Economics

Stephen Mahle is an economics professor and commercial litigator. He teaches introductory and intermediate micro and macro theory courses along with law & economics, econometrics and senior capstone. He concentrated his legal practice on scientific and damages expert testimony. This practice centers on the evaluation, proffer and admission or exclusion, of scientific expert testimony.

He has been a finance professor at The University of Iowa and Virginia Tech, then Olin Scholar in Law and Economics at the University of Virginia School of Law. Steve was a lobbyist for Florida’s 2013 Daubert expert testimony legislation and in September 2016 argued the case for that legislation before the Florida Supreme Court.


  • B.A., Economics & Sociology, Case Western Reserve
  • J.D., University of Virginia
  • PH.D., The Ohio State University

Research Interests

Mahle concentrates his research and scholarship on standards for admissibility of economics expert testimony in US Federal Courts. He just completed two major projects in that area.

He has two new avenues of scholarship. The first is a new application of a classical legal principle that is at the center of the foundations of Law & economics called the Learned Hand Rule that he believes has application to police shootings of citizens.

Selected Publications

  • Proving Lost Profit Damages under the Daubert Standard, in “Lost Profit Damages: Principles, Methods and Applications” (Valuation Products and Services, Forthcoming 2017).
  • Daubert and Commercial Litigation Expert Testimony, in “Business Litigation in Florida,” (Fla. Bar & LexisNexis, 9th ed., 2017).
  • Florida College of Advanced Judicial Studies. Taught the Daubert Triology cases to Florida Judges, course titled New Law in Florida for Expert Witnesses and Expert Testimony. With Prof. Charles Goetz, University of Virginia Professor of Law Emertius and three state and federal judges. June 2014
  • Daubert in its 3rd Decade: Managing Litigation by Managing Expert Testimony, with Prof. David Faigman, Doar Litigation Consuting and The National Law Journal, December 2013.
  • The Transition from Frye to Daubert in Florida, National Bar Assn, December 2013, in Conjunction with 10th anniversary of the Kozyak Monority Mentoring Project.

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