Julie Hild

Director of Campus Involvement and Diversity Programming


Julie Hild will be serving the Office of Campus Involvement where she will be working on event planning for campus-wide events such as Week of Welcome, Homecoming, and Spring Fest. She will assist with the clubs and organizations on campus in member support, advising, and how to start a club on campus. Lastly, Hild will work on diversity programming where she will work on educating the campus community on diversity and incorporate policies and procedures within her office.


  • B.A., Englisher Literature and Spanish, Heidelberg University
  • M.Ed., Higher Education Administration and Student Affairs, Kent State University


  • There are two copies of the same photo taken in 2003 of both her sister and herself at Epcot in Walt Disney World.
  • She broke two bones in the 6th grade.
  • She has one extra bone in her foot that only 15% of the population has.