Julie Hild

Director of Campus Involvement and Diversity Programming

Julie Hild


Julie Hild will be serving the Office of Campus Involvement where she will be working on event planning for campus-wide events such as Week of Welcome, Homecoming, and Spring Fest. She will assist with the clubs and organizations on campus in member support, advising, and how to start a club on campus. Lastly, Hild will work on diversity programming where she will work on educating the campus community on diversity and incorporate policies and procedures within her office.


  • B.A., Englisher Literature and Spanish, Heidelberg University
  • M.Ed., Higher Education Administration and Student Affairs, Kent State University


  • There are two copies of the same photo taken in 2003 of both her sister and herself at Epcot in Walt Disney World.
  • She broke two bones in the 6th grade.
  • She has one extra bone in her foot that only 15% of the population has.