Hiram College
Jill Rankin, D.N.P. Photo

Jill Rankin, D.N.P.

Nursing Program Director
Assistant Professor in Nursing

Dr. Jill Rankin joined the Hiram community in August 2016, as adjunct faculty for the Pediatric Nursing course. In January 2017, she became a full time assistant professor for the Terriers. Dr. Rankin has been teaching in higher education since 2008, and has taught Community Nursing and Nursing Research in the past. Her pediatric clinical experience spans among various pediatric specialties, including hematology/oncology, same day surgery, medical/surgical, and neonatal intensive/sub intensive nursing. Dr. Rankin is a member of Sigma Theta Tau XiXi Chapter, and was awarded the Excellence in Research Award (2014) and the Excellence in Nursing Education (2018). Dr. Rankin is a member of the Ohio Nurses Association. She volunteers for multiple local school & church events.

  • D.N.P., Nursing Practice, Carlow University
  • M.S., Nursing, Youngstown State University
  • B.S., Nursing, Youngstown State University

Research Interests

  • Pediatric Nursing
  • Political Advocacy in Nursing
  • Nursing Education

Selected Publications

  • January 2018
    Elsevier Nursing Education Annual Conference
    Growth and Development in 21st Century Learning
  • August 2016
    Contributing Author: Caring for Children: Principles of Pediatric Nursing 7th Edition
    J. Ball, R. Binder, K.Cowen/Pearson
  • October 2014
    Akron Children’s Hospital The Kids 2014: Law & Order: Legal & Ethical Issues in Pediatric Nursing Practice
    Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Knowledge and Advocacy Promotes Patient Outcomes
  • July 2014
    Contributing Author: Concept Mapping 4th Edition
    Dr. Pamela Schuster/ F.A. Davis Company

Fun Facts

  • Mom’s taxi for 3 children
  • Has 2 Dogs: Rex and Rudy
  • Loves watching football