Jennifer McCreight, Ph.D.

Head of Teacher Education, CAEP Accreditation Coordinator; Associate Professor of Education

Jen Mcreight


Jen McCreight is an Associate Professor of Education interested in family/school partnerships, validating diverse linguistic backgrounds of students, and incorporating technology into classrooms to enhance and deepen learning. She enjoys learning from and with her students, and gravitates toward discussion-based and interactive class sessions. Dr. McCreight has published and presented with students, as well, and continually looks for opportunities to engage them in collaborative research. Additionally, she prioritizes relationships with local schools, through service learning, field visits, and clinical experiences. These relationships challenge Dr. McCreight to be a more innovative and reflective educator in her work with college students.


  • B.A., Hiram College
  • M.Ed., Georgia State University
  • Ph.D., University of Georgia

Research Interests

Dr. McCreight researches and writes about the importance of inviting children’s home language and cultural background into classroom spaces. Most recently, she has focused on the use of family dialogue journals and language study, as tools to partner with families to deepen children’s learning. A recently expanded area of interest for Dr. McCreight is the use of technology in educational spaces, and how to ensure such technology enhances a collaborative and analytical classroom environment.

Selected Publications

  • McCreight, J. (2016). Celebrating diversity through language study: A new approach to grammar study. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann
  • McCreight, J., Bade, M., Bisbee, M., Duhn, E., & Nelson, J. (2015). QR Codes in the classroom: Flashy educational trend, or relevant pedagogical tool? Florida English Journal, fall 2015.
  • Allen, J.B., Beaty, J., Dean, A., Jones, J., Smith, S., McCreight, J., Simmons, A., & Schwedler, E. (2015). Family Dialogue Journals: School-home partnerships that support student learning. New York, NY: Teachers College Press
  • McCreight, J. (2014). You just go to keep on trying: How one young boy helped his teacher see beyond the walls of the classroom. In S. Jones (Ed.) Writing and Teaching to Change the World: Connecting with Our Most Vulnerable Students (pp. 15-35). New York, NY: Teachers College Press.

Fun Facts

  • Dr. McCreight taught Kindergarten and First Grade for eight years, before moving to teach at the college level.

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