Hiram College
Emily McClung, Ph.D. Photo

Emily McClung, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Emily McClung is an instructor of nursing and specifically teaches beginning sophomore students. She began her career at the bedside of oncology patients at Duke University Medical Center where she discovered her passion for end-of-life care. This passion lead her to the bedside of hospice patients before she found her way to Hiram College. Once here, she collaborated with other faculty in the development and implementation of the Nursing Program. Besides teaching within the Nursing Program, she teachings several interdisciplinary courses with faculty from the departments of religion, art, chemistry, and psychology. Encouraged by her desire to engage students in new and creative ways, Emily co-leads a study abroad to Zambia Africa.


  • Ph.D, Saint Louis University
  • M.S.N, Duke University
  • B.S.N, West Virginia Wesleyan College

Research Interests

  • Oncology
  • End-of-Life Care
  • Hospice
  • Health Ministry
  • Spiritual Care
  • Academic Integrity

Selected Publications

  • McClung, E. L. The Experience of Loss, Death, and Grief. In Potter, P., Perry, A., Stockert, P. A., & Hall, A. M. (2016) Fundamentals of nursing (9th ed.) St. Louis: Mosby.
  • McClung, E. L., & Schneider, J. K. (2015). A concept synthesis of academically dishonest behaviors. Journal of Academic Ethics, 13(1), 1-11.
  • McClung, E., Grossoehme, D., & Jacobson, A. Collaborating with chaplains to meet spiritual needs. Med-Surg Nursing, June 2006

Fun Facts

  • My first job was at Taco Bell.
  • I love to do cemetery exploring.
  • I found my heart in Costa Rica and Ethiopia.

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