Hiram College
Denny Taylor, Ph.D. Photo

Denny Taylor, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor of International Grants
Professor Emeritus of Biology


  • Hiram College (Biology), B.A.
  • Cornell University (Ecology), Ph.D.
  • University of Stirling, Scotland, Post Doctoral Fellow

Courses Taught

  • Beginning Field Biology (in Alaska)
  • Introductory Biology: Zoology
  • Vertebrate Zoology
  • Learning Science and Technology Through Horticulture
  • Seminar on Public Gardens
  • Fisheries Biology (in Alaska)
  • Animal Physiology
  • General Ecology
  • Marine Ecology (in Florida)
  • Seminar: Biology of Fishes (in Northeast Ohio)
  • Seminar: Fisheries Biology (in Alaska)
  • Seminar: Herpetology (in Northeast Ohio and South Utah & California)
  • Seminar: Wetlands and Streams
  • Seminar: Fluvial Geomorphology
  • Ocean Sciences (at the Shoals Marine Laboratory)
  • Research in Marine Biology (former Experimental Marine Ecology)
  • Science Education
  • Good Science and Bad Politics in an Election Year
  • Creation, Evolution, and Literalism
  • American Gardens and Gardening
  • Natural History in the Early 21st Century (in Alaska)
  • Finding Order in Nature: Natural History of The Himalayas (in Bhutan)
  • Two Centuries of German Achievement in Science and its Reflection In Literature (in Germany)
  • Nature Writing

Research Interests

  • College science education – strategies for retention of minorities and international students and the retention of all groups in science, technology, engineering and math careers
  • K-20 innovations in technology to promote curriculum reform in science education centered on improving student learning
  • Landscape ecology – looking at ways that our use of land affects water resources of our natural world
  • Wetland and stream assessment and biomonitoring – studies in biodiversity and applied science

Selected Publications

  • 2005 David Anderson, Valerian Anderson, Lucy Chamberlain, Joe Dombroski, Bryan Drennen, David Factor, Martin Flagg, Sean Little, Dan Scott, Jason Seith, Forrest Smith, Dennis Taylor, Jeff Wanser, Sajit Zachariah. 8 March 2005. Columbus, Ohio. “Bridging Generational and Cultural Divides with Personal Digital Assistants”. The Ohio Digital Commons for Education
  • 2004 David Anderson, Lucy Chamberlain, Joe Dombroski, Bryan Drennen, David Factor, Dan Scott, Jason Seith, Forrest Smith, David Sporar, Dennis Taylor, Jeff Wanser, Brian Watkins, Paul Watler, Emily Wittenmyer, Sajit Zachariah, Nicholas Zimet. 9 February 2004 Columbus, Ohio, “Growing Gardens, Communities and Minds with Digital Nutrients”. The Ohio Digital Commons for Education.
  • 2002 National Science Teacher’s Association – Integrating Public Materials, State and National Standards into an Inquiry Based Stream Curriculum for Grades 5-8 Portland Oregon
  • 2000 American Cultural Center, Doha Qatar – Higher Education in the United States – Strategies for Success for International Students (one example of over 400 given between 1993 and 2000)
  • 1994 Tufts University, College of Veterinary Medicine. Quantitative Buffy Coat Analysis- Adaptation to Avian Systems