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FIRESIDE CHAT SEMINAR: Manufacturing in the 21st Century! with Ashley Martof, Industry Liaison and Additive Manufacturing Project Manager, Youngstown Business Incubator

Additive Manufacturing, often referred to by its far more sensational-sounding description – 3D printing, has been around for at least three decades, but recent advances in this technology have seen its use become far more widespread and offering exciting possibilities for future development. You may be surprised to discover that you may be using or looking right at 3D printed works in your daily life, without even recognizing it. Come hear Ashley talk about the different subtypes of additive manufacturing and the opportunities in this expanding field!

Join us every Wednesday evening for an hour or two of stimulating conversation with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial thinkers! If you have ever wondered how businesses or organizations get started, here’s the chance to find out. The seminars run from September 5 through November 14 (no speakers on September 12 or November 7).

Each Wednesday an entrepreneur will tell their story. Some of these entrepreneurs may be well seasoned; some may be just starting out. Hear how they did it…what they did right…what they might do differently, and what they might do next! This semester our focus is on technology, the College’s theme for the year.