Hiram College

In keeping with Hiram tradition, students, faculty, and staff worked together to accomplish something good for the campus, and everyone who calls it home.

Over the next few months, the area pictured below will be transformed:  from sad little rectangles of gravel, dirt, and tire tracks to beautiful oases of living color.  A big thank you from the SEED Scholars to all of you who helped dig gravel out of the future garden beds in Martin Commons on Sugar Day.  We couldn’t have done it without you!  Scroll down to see how hard your fellow Terriers worked.

Garden Before and After

The garden beds before, and a very rough rendering of what they will look like after, with some time and TLC.
Where would you rather hang out?
Shoveling and Wheelbarrows

The early crew was ready to go right away.  Field Station’s Jane O’Brien was a rock star.

Gardening Work

Thanks to the students and faculty participating in Sugar Day, we ended up with about 40 workers!  Special thanks to Sam, Dan, Russ, James, Jeremy, and Nicole of the Physical Plant, and Tim Kasper, who kept us equipped with enough tools to keep our growing crew busy, and who transported tons of removed gravel off site so that we could keep working.

Seeing other ways to help, some students took matters—and trash—into their own hands.

Trash Collection

Hiram first years Hannah Bennett (left) and Brittany Baeder (right) headed over to the hill by the Dining Hall and picked up what they could. Bennett and Baeder expressed surprise at how much garbage was left lying around, and they have a message for you: “Please don’t throw your trash on the ground!”  Be part of the solution, they say, not the problem.

Sweeping sidewalk
Speaking of cleaning up after oneself, we had some major cleanup to do after moving so much dirt around on this rainy day. Pictured above is one crew of students sweeping the sidewalks.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be adding soil, planting, and mulching these new gardens. So if you’d like to be a part of caring for this little corner of campus, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to get involved.

For more info, email kasperdv@hiram.edu or look for announcements on twitter at HiramEnviro.

p.s. For the students who dug out that HUGE rock, sorry…the photo has mysteriously vanished.
p.p.s. If you are missing a pair of nice black and green work gloves, let me know. I rescued them.
p.p.p.s. If you happen to have walked away wearing a pair of our white and blue work gloves, you can drop them off at the TREE House any time.