Hiram College

COVID Updates

Updates from the Hiram Hill – Summer 2021

As part of Hiram’s strategy to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we strongly recommend that all members of the campus community get vaccinated. As the number of fully vaccinated faculty, staff and students on campus increases, we improve our chances of achieving community immunity, as suggested by state and national health organizations.

While we understand that individuals may have medical or other exemptions from receiving the vaccine, it is our hope that as many members of the community as possible will be fully vaccinated by the start of the fall semester. By meeting the thresholds needed for community immunity, we will be able to resume in-person gatherings, reduce the need for social distancing, and largely see the “return to normal” that we have been working toward this past year.

COVID-19 vaccinations decrease the potential for serious illness, hospitalization, and death. If a vaccinated individual tests positive for a COVID-19 infection, it is likely that they will experience mild or no symptoms.

Vaccines are known as acquired immunity, which means that the approved vaccines are not a live virus. It is not possible to contract the disease from the vaccine, but instead build the antibodies in the immune system that are needed to fight future exposure. Vaccines are the best way to stop the spread of existing variants and to prevent new ones from emerging. 

For more information on Hiram’s testing and confirmed cases, click here to view the COVID-19 Dashboard.