Hiram College

COVID-19 Advisory Alert System and Dashboard

Hiram College has established a Pandemic Advisory Alert System to inform students, faculty, staff and families of the current level of risk posed by a virus, such as COVID-19, and the associated measures established at each level.

Campus administrators will be monitoring the following factors to assess campus health throughout the academic year. Should the campus or region meet any of the following indicators, the campus’s alert level may increase. These alert levels, additional mitigation strategies, and policies may change at any time to ensure the health and safety of the campus community. The current alert level can be found at www.hiram.edu. The color levels are unique to the Hiram College Campus and do not correspond to other alert level colors.

Note: Any student or faculty/staff professional who is in nursing clinical, education clinical/student teaching, working off campus must abide by level 2 rules, at a minimum, at all times. 


LEVEL 0 GREEN: No Pandemic

LEVEL 1 YELLOW: Active Pandemic – Minimal Exposure and Spread

LEVEL 2 ORANGE: Active Pandemic – Limited Exposure and Spread

LEVEL 3 RED: Active Pandemic – Heightened Exposure and Spread

LEVEL 4 PURPLE: Active Pandemic – Severe Level of Exposure and Spread

Campus Indicators:

  • Surrounding Community Caseload: 7-day average of daily cases in 10 surrounding counties; triggered when >50/100,000 per day 
  • Campus Isolation Capacity: Triggered when >50% occupied (11 rooms) 
  • Cases on Campus: 7-day average of new daily cases; triggered when increasing for 5 days in a row 
  • Campus Community Spread: Triggered when there are more than 3 cases in one week that are unrelated through contact tracing  

*Indicator is bold if triggered

Campus Covid Dashboards and Information

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