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Internships have never been more vital to setting yourself up for success after graduation. Completing an internship is one of three ways to gain real-world experience that fulfills your Hiram Connect experiential requirement. But the experience you gain will be worth much more than checking a box for your graduation requirements. Internships allow you to “try out” a company, profession or career. By interacting with professionals and collaborating on real projects, you’ll begin to discover how what you have been learning in the classroom translates into the real world.

Whether your internship reinforces what you thought you wanted to do, provides clarity on what you do not want to do or opens your eyes to new opportunities, you will gain valuable knowledge and insight about your future calling and life after graduation.


Register Your Internship for Connect

You must complete a minimum of 120 documented hours of the internship for it to count towards Hiram Connect, as well as:

Not For-Credit Internships

  • Have your internship approved by your faculty advisor and the Office of Career and Academic Development
  • Submit the Internship Learning Agreement form prior to starting the internship
  • Receive a satisfactory evaluation from your internship supervisor after your experience has concluded
  • Submit a personal reflection assignment using the Hiram Connect writing prompt to your faculty advisor and the Office of Career and Academic Development with a satisfactory level of depth at the end of the internship; satisfactory completion of this requirement will be determined by the faculty advisor
  • Share the internship experience publicly, whether on or off campus

For-Credit Internships

  • Follow the internship requirements outlined by academic department
  • Complete a Hiram Connect Internship Learning Agreement prior to starting the internship
  • Complete a personal reflection assignment designed by the department to align with the goals of Hiram Connect

For any questions regarding internships and Hiram Connect, please contact Bethani Burkhart at burkhartbm@hiram.edu.

Connecting Students to Internships

Hiram College’s Office of Career Development and Academic Development will assist you throughout the internship application and interview process. Take a look at previous internships completed by Hiram College students.