Hiram College


Asking the Big Questions

Sometimes asking questions is as important as finding answers. At Hiram, we expect students to step back from their day-to-day activities so that they can reflect on and begin to answer the questions that matter most in life. The big questions that we want students to explore during their undergraduate journey are called the “5Cs.” They include the following:
1. Character: What kind of person do I want to be?
2. Career: What kind of work do I want to do?
3. Curriculum: What should I learn and what skills should I build?
4. Community: How can I serve my community?
5. Calling: How can I build a meaningful life?

Connecting Classroom and Out-of-Classroom Experiences

From the moment you arrive on campus, Hiram helps you become the best student you can be. Your academic experience isn’t just a bunch of classes. It’s a powerful combination of what you learn in and outside of class and how ideas introduced in one place help you understand concepts in another. At a Hiram, you will put those ideas to work immediately: in your job, on your athletic team, in a student organization.


To guide you in this journey, Hiram introduced, in 2014, a program called Hiram Connect. It is designed to help you think about and begin to answer the 5C-questions at four specific times during your undergraduate career:

  • during the first year experience
  • when they declare a major
  • while they are participating in the required experiential activity (an internship, study-away trip, or research project)
  • as they work on their capstone project

At each of those junctures, you will be asked to “connect the dots” between your classroom and out-of-classroom experiences. In doing so, you will be prompted to draw on all kinds of diverse experiences as the background for thinking about and answering the 5Cs.

By the time you graduate, you will have completed at least one internship, study away trip, and/or research project with a faculty member. These opportunities set you apart from other college graduates.

And because our faculty have been trained to use technology in cutting-edge ways, you will use your  college-issued iPad pro to learn in ways you never have before – getting you ready for the 21st-century workforce you’ll enter after you earn your degree.

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