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Discover the Answers With Connect

At Hiram, learning is not limited to the classroom. It happens in one-on-one conversations, through athletics, in club meetings and through work in the field. Hiram Connect will prompt you to step back and reflect upon how these learning experiences relate back to your coursework and what you are discovering about your unique purpose and calling.

Connecting Classroom and Out-of-Classroom Experiences

From the moment you arrive on campus, Hiram helps you become the best student you can be. Your academic experience isn’t just a bunch of classes. It’s a powerful combination of what you learn in and outside of class and how ideas introduced in one place help you understand concepts in another. At Hiram, you will put those ideas to work immediately: in your job, on your athletic team, in a student organization.

To guide you in this journey, Hiram introduced a program called Hiram Connect. It’s designed to help you think about and begin to answer the 5 C questions at four specific times during your undergraduate career.

Curriculum: What should I know, and know how to do? What should I learn?
Career: To what work can I devote myself? How will I prepare myself for this work?
Calling: Where will I find meaning for my life? What will give my life purpose?
Character: Who do I want to become? How will I become my best self?
Community: Where do I belong? Where can I serve?

And because our faculty have been trained to use technology in cutting-edge ways, you will use your college-issued iPad pro to learn in ways you never have before – getting you ready for the 21st-century workforce you’ll enter after you earn your degree.

A Four-Step Process

Hiram Connect facilitates meaningful reflection at four important academic milestones and throughout the curriculum. During each of the four steps of Hiram Connect, you’ll be asked to connect the dots between your classroom experiences and out-of-classroom experiences.

Step 1: Enduring Questions Seminar

All first-year students take the Enduring Questions Seminar during their first semester. This course serves as an introduction to college life and learning, as you begin to consider what you want from life and how your previous experiences and understanding fits in with or is being challenged by new perspectives.

Step 2: Declaration of Major

As sophomores (or earlier) students will discuss in-depth, with advisors, what type of career and calling they see themselves stepping into post-graduation, and choose a major based on those aspirations.

Step 3: Experiential Learning

This is the heart of Hiram Connect. We teach you to make connections between what you are learning in the classroom and what is happening in the world, but that becomes a reality when you intern, study away, or complete a guided research project.

Step 4: Capstone Project

Building upon Step Three, you will choose and thoroughly analyze a question or topic related to your field of study, and present your findings and/or project to an audience. This culmination of your academic experience and reflection upon your journey will prepare you to succeed wherever you land next.

Find Your Calling

Students will reflect on the meaningful relationships between their experiences and their Curriculum, Career, Calling, Character, and Community throughout their education at Hiram College.

Experiential Learning Opportunities