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Phil Christman

Raechel Anne Jolie

Bonnie Jo Campbell

Henry Adams

Context for Stories in American Salvage

Tales of Scrappy Michiganders in American Salvage: An Interview with Bonnie Jo Campbell (NPR)

The Opioid Diaries (Time)

Definition of salvage/junk yard (Ohio law)

Y2K (Encyclopedia Britannica)

Telling Stories of Nature and Humans in Midwest National Parks (George Wright Society)

Information About the Rust Belt

Definition of the Rust Belt (Merriam-Webster)

A Tale of two Rust Belts: Can the Midwest’s smaller communities succeed? (Brookings Institution)

Our Collective Ignorance About the Rust Belt is Getting Dangerous (Time)

Segregation and changing populations change Rust Belt’s politics (Brookings Institution)

Defining Rust Belt Urbanism (Economic Innovation Group)

Where to go in the Rust Belt (Without a Path)

History of wedding cookie table (Wedding Cookie Table)

Information About the Midwest

Definition and history of the Midwest (Encyclopedia Britannica)

What is the Midwest? (Midstory)

How well do you know Midwest slang? An interactive quiz (How Stuff Works)

50 Most popular Midwestern dishes (tasteatlas)