Hiram College

Traditional College Students

Students are expected to have their student accounts in a paid status prior to moving into a residence hall or attending the first class meeting for a semester. In order to have a student account in a "paid status", students must be either paid in full for the semester, or officially signed up for an approved payment plan with the Office of Student Accounts.

Fall bills are due July 20, 2021 and Spring bills are due December 2, 2021. Students and families are expected to familiarize themselves with the payment due dates.

Hiram College staff will assume that students who are not in a paid status will not be attending Hiram College; therefore it is very important that students work closely with the staff in the Office of Student Accounts to inform them of their plans and make payment arrangements.  After an internal review period, students who are registered for classes and have signed up for a residence hall room whose student accounts are not in a paid status by the published semester payment deadlines will have their class schedules canceled and their residence hall assignments canceled for the term.  Should these students wish to re-register for courses, they will be assessed a $100 Late Payment Fee. A $100 late fee will be assessed monthly if the account or payment is delinquent.


Hiram College Payment Plan

Hiram College offers students the opportunity to meet the financial obligations to Hiram College through the use of an 8 month payment plan. The due dates of the plan are:


  • 1st payment – July 20, 2021
  • 2nd payment – August 20, 2021
  • 3rd payment – September 20, 2021
  • 4th payment – October 20, 2021 (Fall semester MUST be paid in full.)


  • 5th payment – December 2, 2021
  • 6th payment – February 2, 2022
  • 7th payment – March 2, 2022
  • 8th payment – April 2, 2022 (Spring semester MUST be paid in full.)

Each semester must be paid in full by the final due date to be eligible to attend the next semester

To enroll in the payment plan visit www.hiram.edu/ebill, click on payment plan enrollment. There is a $75.00 annual fee to participate in the payment plan to be included with the first payment.

Study abroad costs have a separate refund policy and are not included in the payment plan.

A $100 late payment fee will be assessed for each delinquent payment.

Hiram College accepts payment by e-check/ACH, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover, cash, check, or wire for tuition payments. To pay by e-check, or credit card, you can gain access to online payment by www.hiram.edu/paymybill or on our Student Accounts website. There is a 2.5% fee for using a credit card; however, an e-check transaction is free.  There is a $30 fee for all returned e-check/ACH payments, for any reason.


Traditional College Students who withdraw from Hiram College, completes their graduation requirements or remains enrolled but move out of campus housing during a term in 2021-2022, are subject to the following refund of tuition, room and board (fees including but not limited to comprehensive fee and field trip fees are not refundable):

Fall 2021

August 30 – September 3 75%
September 4–September 10 50%
As of September 11 0%

Spring 2022

January 10 – January 14 75%
January 15 – January 21 50%
As of January 22 0%

Fees are not refundable. Students who totally withdraw from the college must move from the residence halls within the timeframe specified by the Office of Residential Education and forfeit their meal plan privileges even if they receive no refund of charges for the plan. Students who withdraw from housing but remain enrolled at Hiram College after the start of the semester are subject to the refund schedule listed above and a recalculation of financial aid eligibility.

A student who remains enrolled and has received no refund for their meal plan may continue to use the plan until which time they are no longer an enrolled student or the end of the semester whichever comes first. Students are encouraged to meet with someone in the Financial Aid/Student Accounts Office prior to starting the withdrawal process or withdrawal from housing to understand the financial implications of doing so. Financial aid eligibility must be recalculated and any funds for which the student becomes ineligible as a result of the withdrawal from the college or housing must be returned to their source(s).

To begin the official withdrawal process, students must contact the Dean of Students Office located in Bates Hall.

Financing Options

In addition to payment options, there are also a number of ways to finance your Hiram education.  We are here to help you determine what works for your family.  Please contact us at 330.569.5107 or review some of these options online on our Financial Aid website.