Hiram College

Residential, Commuter, PGS and CCP Student Parking


Residential Permits: $65.95 per year
Commuter/PGS/CCP Permits: $15.95 per year

Permits may be purchased through The Permit Store.

Important Dates

Aug. 17, 2020: Permits available
Sept. 14, 2020: Students required to have a valid permit properly displayed


Temporary Permits

After you successfully register online and your permit is approved, you will need to print and display the temporary permit on the dashboard of your vehicle until you receive your permanent one.

If you do not have access to a computer/printer, you can pick up your temporary permit at the Campus Safety Office. The temporary permit is only valid for ten calendar days from the purchase date and it must be discarded once your permanent permit is received.

Picking up Your Permit

Residential students, Commuter, Professional and Graduate Studies and College Credit Plus will receive a notification via Hiram email when their permit is ready. Students should then bring their Hiram ID with them to the Campus Safety Office during business hours to pick up their permit.

Parking Locations  

  • Stadium Lot
  • Gelbke Lot
  • Terrier Drive East – angled-in parking
  • Overlook Lot – small lot on Terrier Drive to the east of Booth/Centennial
  • South Quad Lot
  • Winrock – spaces facing the softball field
  • Tennis Court Lot
  • 305 Parking Lot – 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. Monday thru Friday new
  • Bancroft Lot – commuters only from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. daily 

Campus Map

Click here to download campus map

Residential/Townhouse/Commuter/PGS/CCP students are not considered “visitors” and are not permitted to park in any visitor lots including 90-minute parking spaces, the Townhouse Visitor Lot, Coleman Sports Center lots, Kennedy Center Visitor Lot, Admission Visitor Spots, etc.


Office of Campus Safety
Kennedy Center, 2nd floor