Hiram College

Parking Tickets


Parking fines are $15 and must be paid within 14 calendar days of the issue date (including the date the ticket was issued). If a ticket is not paid or appealed within 14 days, an additional $25 fine will be added to the total cost of the citation.

Paying a Ticket

Tickets may be paid with a major credit/debit card through the Permit Store or with cash or check in the Campus Safety Office. Unpaid tickets will be placed on your student account at the end of each semester.

Appealing a Ticket

After the ticket is processed, which can take up to 24 hours, an appeal may be submitted through the Permit Store. Appeals must be received within 14 days of the original citation. All decisions are final.

The following are NOT valid reasons for appealing a parking violation:

  • having the wrong permit for the space used (townhouse tenants)
  • failure to read parking signs
  • failure to display a parking permit
  • failure to obtain a temporary permit
  • parking in restricted areas


Hiram College reserves the right to tow a vehicle at the owner’s expense if it:

  • impedes college activity
  • hinders access to roadways, walkways or buildings
  • causes a safety concern
  • is parked in an area or in a manner that can damage campus grounds
  • becomes inoperable
  • appears to be abandoned
  • is parked in a tow-away zone
  • belongs to a student whose parking privileges have been revoked

Should your car be towed, please contact the Office of Campus Safety.


Office of Campus Safety
Kennedy Center, 2nd floor