Hiram College

Townhouse Resident Parking

Townhouse residents are required to display a parking permit at all times.


Permits are free but you must register your vehicle through the Permit Store after getting a numbered parking assignment from Residential Education.

Important Dates

Aug. 11, 2018: Townhouse permits available
Sept. 3, 2018: Students required to have a valid permit properly displayed

Picking up Your Permit

After you successfully register online and your permit is approved, you will receive a notification via Hiram email when your permit is ready. You should then bring your Hiram ID with you to the Campus Safety Office during business hours to pick up your permit.

Parking Location

You must park in the Townhouse Lot and only in your designated parking space. Any tenant who parks in other lots will be ticketed. You are permitted to park on 305 Parking Lot Monday thru Friday 7 AM – 3 PM. Permit must be display.

Townhouse Visitors

Townhouse visitors bringing a car need to get a visitor parking pass from Campus Safety Office. The visitor may park in the space assigned to the resident or one of the visitor spaces. In the event it’s not be possible to sign out a visitor parking pass, 90-minute spaces are available between the tennis courts and East Hall.  Visitors may also park on upper campus on the street near Hinsdale, Booth-Centennial, the Quad and The Hill. Those who park on the street will need to observe the Hiram Village parking ordinances. See information on overnight guest parking for additional information.

Alternative Vehicle

Townhouse Student with a valid permit bringing a alternative vehicle on campus must pick up a temporary permit at the Campus Safety Office during normal business hours. A free temporary ID will be issued based on the current information. The vehicle make, model and license plate number are required to complete the application. Temporary permits are only valid for the date(s) listed. Campus Safety will not issue any temporary permits without a completed information.



Office of Campus Safety
Kennedy Center, 2nd floor