Hiram College

Dear Hiram College Community:


We are into the second week of our remote teaching, learning, and working; and, for the most part, we are doing quite well thanks to the positive attitude that members of our community are exuding. Thanks for such a strong start out of the gate. Let’s continue to maintain the “yes, we can” sentiment.

Before the weekend rain rolls in, I hope that all who are able to get outside do so. A brisk walk and some sunshine can go a long way right now. Before you head out, there are three updates I wish to share at this time. They include information about Federal Work Study and other forms of student employment, visits to campus, and the COVID-19 Relief Bill that will likely be passed in Congress in short order.


Guidelines for Student Workers

Federal Work Study (FWS). Earlier today, I sent out a note to all faculty and staff that detailed the FWS guidelines set forth by the Federal Department of Education. Those guidelines pertain to students who were awarded an FWS allocation as part of their financial aid package, are in active work status, and are willing to assume remote duties as assigned by their supervisor. If you are a student reading this note, please contact your work-study supervisor directly. He/she will help you develop a clear understanding of the steps you need to take to continue your work and receive a paycheck.

Other Types of Student Work. In addition to students in the FWS program, Hiram employs other students who are on stipend, earn a non-subsidized wage, are part of an internship program, and more. The Senior Cabinet is working through those programs now; we will get back to you as soon as possible with information in these areas.


Visits to Campus to Undertake Work Assignments

Supervisors have worked with essential staff in areas across campus to coordinate onsite work that allows for social distancing. In those cases, campus safety officers know who is working on campus and when they are scheduled to be in their offices.

Others of you have expressed an interest and need to come to campus in non-routine ways to pick up mail, get items from your work area, and tackle short projects that have been approved by your supervisor for onsite work. In these cases, you are required to send a short email to Dan Fynes, director of campus safety, at fynesda@hiram.edu. The title of your email should read “Request to Come to Campus.” The body of your email must include the following: 

  • The date you plan to come to campus
  • The building and room you expect to enter
  • The times of arrival and departure
  • Your cell phone number

These emails will simply allow Dan to know who is in which building at any moment in time. He will not be responding to the email unless there is a specific reason to do so.

Per Governor DeWine’s orders, anyone coming to a workplace is expected to take their temperature before leaving the house. If you have a temperature of 100.4° F or higher, you must not come to campus.


COVID-19 Relief Bill

Last night, the Senate passed the latest relief bill. The House of Representatives is expected to do the same in the next day or so, and President Trump is expected to sign it when it comes to him. At this time, it appears that provisions of the bill will provide colleges like Hiram with some financial relief (the amount and how and to whom it will be distributed are not yet known). As with so many things right now, the devil is in the details. I am and will remain in contact with officials at the national level on this matter.

Like all of you, members of the Senior Cabinet are working hard to navigate the path ahead. We are making decisions to the best of our ability based on the information we have. We will make some mistakes along the way, but so far, we are plowing ahead, thanks in large part to the clearings many of you have made. Thank you!


Stay strong…the path ahead is a long and winding one.

Your President,

Lori Varlotta