Hiram College


I hope this note finds you and yours healthy and safe. With so many external forces bearing down on us and the world shifting before our eyes, I hope you share my optimism that our return to Hiram this summer and fall will feel like something precious and familiar. In order to make this return as manageable and as safe as we can, I am sharing the Guide for Returning to the Workplace (click to download) document, designed to help all of us recreate our community in the wake of this pandemic. You can find the guide on the Human Resources page of my.hiram.edu in the “Important Policies” section.

This document is, of course, based on the most current insight available, and we all know how fast new knowledge has presented itself in recent months. The guide, as posted on the Human Resources page of my.hiram.edu, will reflect evolving practices and expectations by way of regular updates.

As you will see, this document focuses exclusively on employees and the phased-in return to work plan. In the upcoming weeks, we will send additional documents, which will explain our plan to bring students back to the residence halls and campus activities and our plan for moving classes to larger spaces, allowing for flexible delivery modes.

Until then, I suspect there will be questions about elements of this return-to-work plan. As always, please reach out to your Vice President with those inquiries and clarifications. In addition, you will note there is a “Returning to the Workplace” acknowledgement form at the end of the guide. Please take time to review and complete the acknowledgment form, and return the completed form to Karen Holland (hollandk@hiram.edu) by Friday, June 19. 


Thank you for all you do for Hiram,

Lori Varlotta