Hiram College

Academic Accommodations

In order to request academic accommodations, appropriate documentation must be provided:

  • Current documentation (typically prepared within the past three years)Identification of the disability
  • Educational, developmental and/or medical history relevant to the disability
  • A summary of the testing/assessment that identified the disability along with scores of individual tests
  • A description of the functional limitations that this disability has upon the student’s learning and academic work.

A current IEP/504 plan is helpful in providing information about the type of support that has been helpful in the past, but it rarely contains the detailed documentation required.  The College reserves the right to require more detailed or more current information when necessary.  All documentation should be sent directly to Dr. Kevin Feisthamel, director of disability services.

Typical Classroom Accommodations

  • Extended time for in-class work such as exams
  • Texts in alternative format
  • Lower distraction testing area
  • Notetakers

Assistance available to all Hiram students includes:

  • Student Academic Services (105 Hinsdale, x5131)
  • Help with time management
  • Study & test taking strategies
  • Help with retention strategies
  • Memory techniques
  • Group study sessions
  • Peer tutors

The Writing Center (Writing House, x5397)

  • Trained writing assistants are available to help students plan and write papers.

** Disability records are maintain for 6 years, after this time records will be shredded.