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Hiram wants students to be able to fully participate in both their academic life and their campus involvement. College can be the best of times, but there also may be times of challenges and stresses. Problems and concerns that interfere with a student's ability to focus on coursework or to enjoy the many opportunities for learning and having fun outside the classroom are the kinds of issues that students often bring to the Counseling Center.

The focus of the Counseling Center is to help students with the normal, short-term issues that are typical of this age. Some of the typical issues discussed are: adjustment to college, making friends, depression, anxiety, relationships, sexuality, self-esteem, family issues, academic concerns, loneliness, self-confidence, grief & loss, suicidal thoughts, and substance use/abuse.

Students who have issues that are long term in nature, chronic, or those requiring specialized treatment will be assisted in locating a mental health provider in one of the neighboring communities. On-campus counseling services are free of charge to all traditional students. Fees for all off-campus services will be the financial responsibility of the student. Whenever possible, we will work with you to locate a practitioner within your insurance network.

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Ohio HB 28 – Prevention Program


ULifeline is multi-resource site for mental health questions. It is a valuable online behavioral support network that gives you information about yourself and also provides information if you have questions or concerns about a friend.  It is an anonymous one-stop online resource for a variety of mental health information.

Access the ULifeline Website

What information does it provide?

  • Self-e-Valuator
    Developed by Duke University Medical Center, the Self-e-Valuator is a screening program designed to help students uncover whether they, or a friend, are at risk for depression, suicide and several other disorders, including alcohol and drug dependence, eating disorders, generalized anxiety disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder.
  • Mental Health Reference Library
    The mental health reference library provides quality, user-friendly information that has been reviewed and approved by medical experts at Harvard Medical School.
  • Go Ask Alice!
    Produced by health educators at Columbis University, this in-depth question and answer site contains an archive of hundreds of responses to anonymously-posed inquiries from college students around the world.
  • Concerned About a Friend
    This section, provided by the National Mental Health Association, describes the warning signs for depression and suicide, includes information regarding how to help a friend and lists resources for additional assistance.
  • Drug Reference Database
    The drug reference database provides information about prescription medications, potential drug interactions, as well as common side effects.

Who may use it?

College students are the primary audience for Ulifeline.  The site, however, is available to anyone in the Hiram College community, including faculty, staff, coaches and administrators.  Ulifeline is a confidential and secure web site.  Individual visitors and users of the site remain anonymous.

Ulifeline Information

Ulifeline was created by the Jed Foundation, a non-profit organization, committed to reducing the youth suicide rate and improving the mental health support provided to students by universities nation-wide.  It was founded in 2000 by Phillip and Donna Satow, who lost their youngest son Jed, 20, a university sophomore to suicide in 1998.


Julia Church Health Center.

Appointments: Monday-Friday; 9 a.m.-noon; 1:30-4 p.m. (schedule in person or at 330.569.5952)

If you happen to be transferred to voicemail, please leave your name, a number where you may be contacted, and a couple available times/days that suit your schedule.

Kevin Feisthamel, Ph.D, PCC-S, NCC
Director of Counseling, Health and Disability Services
Phone: 330.569.5952
Email: feisthamelkp@hiram.edu