Hiram College

Campus Policies and Procedures

The Hiram College Student Handbook is designed to provide students with information about the policies and procedures of Hiram College. The Handbook is published each year by the Dean of Students office and students are expected to be familiar and comply with its contents. Refer to the Handbook for information regarding Academic Policies and Procedures, Campus and Residential Policies and the Hiram College Judicial System. The College reserves the right to make any changes to the Handbook as needed.

Report an Incident

If you want to report an incident or share your concerns about a student, complete the following report: Incident Report Form.

If you want to speak directly to someone about an incident, contact one of the following:

Residence Life 

Ed Frato-Sweeney, Director of Residential Education and Commuter Services
1st Floor, Bates Hall
(330) 569-5239


Campus Safety

24-hour phone (330) 469 – 4119

Dan Fynes, Director of Campus Safety
2nd Floor, Kennedy Center
(330) 569 – 3211


Title IX Coordinator

Martha Schettler
Ground Floor, Kennedy Center
(330) 569 – 6116