Hiram College


On behalf of the Board of Trustees and through the administrative leadership of the Vice President and Dean of Students under the direction of the President of the College, the Student Life Committee shall be responsible for overseeing all aspects of student life outside the classroom and shall advise the full board regarding any matters affecting the rights and responsibilities of Hiram College students and the programs and services necessary to support student development and student success outside the classroom (in harmony with the academic programs of the college).


The Student Life Committee may review the policies, practices and procedures of the following:

Retention/persistence programs and services

  • Academic support service
  • Exit services (interviews, withdrawal tracking)
  • SharePoint early intervention program
  • Ombudsperson summer survey
  • Student satisfaction surveys
  • Career/life planning initiatives

Resource development initiatives

  • Affinity group cultivation
  • Grant writing
  • Benefactor identification and cultivation

Student clubs, groups and organizations

  • Student Senate
  • Media (e.g. newspaper, radio, telecommunications, internet and yearbook)
  • Diversity
  • Culture
  • Entertainment
  • Club sports and intramurals
  • Finance

Student Life departments

  • Residential and Commuter Education
  • Campus Involvement
  • Citizenship Education
  • Ethnic Diversity Affairs
  • International Student Services
  • First Year services (orientation, first wave, Institute)
  • Career Services
  • Academic Support Services
  • Campus Safety (parking, lighting, accessibility, ID services, incident reporting, investigation and follow-up)
  • Health Services
  • Counseling Services