Hiram College

Orientation Checklist

After completing Online New Student Orientation, the items below are required to be completed in preparation for your first semester.

Publicity Release

We would like to share the accomplishments and success stories of Hiram students with newspapers and other media outlets.  For this reason, we ask that you fill out publicity release form and we encourage you to share the name(s) of your hometown newspaper(s) with us.

Living on Campus

Download the living on campus brochure for important information about campus housing and the various Residence Halls.

Residential & Commuter Contract

If you plan to be a residential student during the Fall or Spring, it is important that you complete either the residential (on campus)  or  the commuter (off campus) contract for the Residential Education and Commuter Services Office.  Should you be interested in housing over the summer sessions, contact the Residential Education and Commuter Services Office directly at residencelife@hiram.edu.

Suggested Packing List

An optional list of items that most students find helpful when packing for their Residence Hall room.

From the Health Center

The staff at Julia Church Health Center welcomes you and would like to make you aware of several policies that can be helpful to you during your stay at Hiram. View a letter from the Health Center and a brochure about our services.

This form is MANDATORY in order to begin your college experience – but DOES NOT have to be turned to complete orientation.

This form should be as completed as soon possible. This information is necessary since immunization records are required by law and it helps us to accurately treat our students.

View a letter from Director of Counseling & Student Disability Services which provides information about Counseling Services and Disability Support Services at Hiram College. The Disability Self-Disclosure Form is your way of letting us know any special needs you have that may affect your success at college.

From the Registrar’s Office

View information about academic records, grades, transcripts, and more.

Transfer and CCP Credits 

Students should request that transcripts for any High School College Credit Plus (CCP) or tranfer credits be sent to the Registrar’s Office (registrar@hiram.edu).

  • CCP: You will want to talk with the Registrar’s Office at the institution(s) you received college credit from and request your transcript be sent to Hiram College.  Your high school transcript will not be enough for Hiram College (or other institutions) to accept your grades and give you appropriate credit evaluations.  You must request transcripts from each school that you took CCP classes with, in order to have them count towards your college credit hours.
  • Transfer Credits: Hiram College follows an established policy in the awarding of transfer credit to ensure degree integrity. For details, please see the Hiram College Awarding of Transfer Credit Policy.

More information about transferring credits can be found here.


At Hiram, Your Health and Safety Matters!  

 Your health and safety are important to us.  Thus, to encourage healthy decision making and awareness within the Hiram community, all Hiram students are required to participate in the below online education program on sexual violence prevention (i.e. Course 1).  In addition, to meet NCAA requirements, student-athletes must also engage in Course 2.  Developed by Safe Colleges and designed by industry experts, each course contains informative and, in some instances, sensitive content about strategy for personal risk reduction and healthy by-stander behaviors.    To fully grasp the information, you are encouraged to take your time and work through the course at a pace that is most convenient for you.  Some, for example, opt to take the course over a series of days while others complete it in one sitting.  Regardless, our hope is that you will find the courses helpful and resourceful.  A few other guidelines are below:

 *You must be 18 years or older to view the course independently.  Students below the age of 18 are required to submit the following consent form.

*Once your course is complete, the College will receive notification that you have met the requirement.

*In the event that you are unable to complete the course, you should contact Dean Dee West at westde@hiram.edu.

Instructions for completing this training will be sent to student’s Hiram email prior to arrival.   The course should be completed before arriving to campus.

Course 1: Sexual Violence Prevention for Undergraduate Students (Full 78 min.) – Required for all students

Sexual Violence Prevention for Undergraduate Students is a reality-driven course designed to educate students about consent, healthy relationships, bystander intervention, as well as the realities of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and more. Featuring student presenters and survivors, the course includes scenarios, testimonials, and key advice for dealing with these crucial topics. This “Full Course” includes educational materials, such as testimonials by actual students and scenarios to reinforce key concepts of which you need to be knowledgeable.   

This first course is required of all Hiram students and features content from the national “Not Anymore” student sexual violence prevention campaign.

Course 2: Sexual Violence Prevention Essentials for Athletes (17 min.) – Required for all student-athletes

Sexual Violence Prevention Essentials for Athletes is a reality-driven course designed to give students the facts about social pressures and gender roles, alcohol, reporting, bystander intervention and support, and through student-athlete testimonials, encourages students to set a positive standard on campus. As a student-athlete and/or member of other campus organizations, these students may face higher social pressures to engage in behaviors that foster sexual assault and interpersonal violence. However, they also have the opportunity to be a leading voice on campus against sexual assault and interpersonal violence.  This course is required of all NCAA student-athletes and features content from the “Not Anymore” national student sexual violence prevention campaign.



If you still have questions feel free to contact:

Theresa Fuller, MBA
Shelley Gordon
Senior Administrative Assistant
to the Senior VP/Dean of Students
Ryan Herhold
Transfer Admissions Counselor