Hiram College

Future Students

Living in the residence halls is more than just a place to study and sleep. Every residential community offers hundreds of programs each semester to help you make new friends and meet new people. Residential Life staff can also help you connect with clubs, sports, organizations and resources on campus, so you can quickly find a place for yourself here at Hiram.

Check out our residence halls to see what hall fits you.

Our Policy

Hiram College recognizes and affirms the value of students living on campus and participating fully in the residential college experience.  All students are expected to live on campus their entire four years, unless they meet specific criteria, including: living within a 30 mile radius with a parent or legal guardian, students over 23 years of age, students who are married, students in a long-term committed same-sex relationship, and student teachers (during the period of student teaching).

Students who will have achieved a senior status (minimum of 90 credit hours) by the end of the spring semester may request an exemption at room sign-ups for the following year. The above list of conditions and exceptions is by no means comprehensive and circumstances may warrant individual consideration.