Hiram College

Townhouses, East Hall, and All-Gender Applications

All-Gender Housing Sign Up

Students who would like to live in the All-Gender community in Bowler Hall must apply and be approved before housing sign-ups.  The All-Gender Housing Application will be available online starting on February 19th and will be due by March 19th.  Double and single rooms will be available.  Approval notifications will be emailed to students on March 30, 2021.

Townhouse Sign Up

Students who would like to live in a Townhouse must apply and be approved. Each individual will need to complete the online Townhouse Application. The individual applications of each student will be considered when making an overall decision regarding the group’s approval status. Please make sure your selection of roommates is well considered as the strength of their applications will influence the decision of whether or not to approve the group.  Notifications will be made via email on March 30, 2021.

Once townhouse groupings have been approved, individual student lottery numbers for each group member will be added together to create a group lottery number. For example: If Student A’s lottery number is 100, Student B’s lottery number is 85, Student C’s lottery number is 49, and Student D’s lottery number is 28 the group lottery number would be 262.  In the case where two group lottery numbers add up to the same number, the highest individual lottery number will be given priority. The group lottery number will be used to determine which groups will receive a townhouse.  The groups with the highest 26 numbers (the townhouse group lottery number) will receive an email on March 30th with information regarding housing sign-ups. A wait list will be made from remaining groups not invited to sign-ups.  

Also, for the 2021 – 2022 school year residents of the Townhouses are required to purchase a partial meal plan offered by the college.  Students will have the choice of purchasing a Silver, Gold, or Platinum Meal Block Plan.  If a student does not indicate a preference, their plan will default to the Gold Plan. Please visit the Dining Hall webpage for more information regarding the meal plan options. 

East Hall Sign-Up

East Hall is home to the Entrepreneurship Residential Learning Community (ERLC) which is open to any upper-class student interested in expanding their possibilities through an entrepreneurial focus. Declared entrepreneurship minors have first choice of rooms although any student is able to live in East Hall.

Students who wish to sign-up as a group for a six-person suite will need to complete the online East Hall Suite application by March 19th. All members of the group will need to complete the application. Eight person suites will be open to individual students who would like to live in East Hall but do not want to sign-up with a group. Students who wish to sign up for an individual room in an eight person suite do not have to complete an application.