Hiram College

Our Staff

The Office of Residential Education at Hiram College is dedicated to providing the best possible staff to serve our students. Our staff comes from many different experiences and offers multiple talents to enrich and foster our strong residential communities. If you have questions about living on campus, please call the Residential Education Office or contact one of the staff members listed below.

Main Office Staff

Name Phone Number
Ed Frato-Sweeney, Director, Residential and Citizenship Education 330.569.5239
Kyle Wolfe, Assistant Director, Residential Education 330.569.6255
Kelly Johns, Coordinator of Housing Operations 330.569.6108
Residential Education Office 330.569.5232

Henry Hall and Whitcomb Hall Staff

  • Area Coordinator: James Workman
  • Phone Number330.569.5604
Hall Staff Member Room
Henry Tae’lor Jones Henry 219
Henry Carolyn Todd Henry 318
Henry Tommy Rink Henry 329
Whitcomb Brett Bentkowski Whitcomb 204
Whitcomb Kathi Kline Whitcomb 215
Whitcomb Jasmine Rosiak Whitcomb 315
Whitcomb Blake Erman Whitcomb 304
Whitcomb Shaylan Bailey Whitcomb 404
Whitcomb Journey Toole Whitcomb 415

Booth Hall and Centennial Hall (B/C) Staff

  • Area Coordinator: Tessa Conville
  • Phone Number330.569.5679
Hall Staff Member Room
Booth Matt Hecker Booth 91
Booth Brianna Burns Booth 153
Booth Andrew Lang Booth 232
Booth Kiyana Caver Booth 253
Centennial Jaya Martin Centennial 104
Centennial Yidiayah Box Centennial 119
Centennial Alexis Hirsch Centennial 215
Centennial Kiara Jeffrey Centennial 229

East Hall Staff

  • Resident Director: Danielle Thompson
  • Phone Number330.569.6200
Hall Staff Member Room
East Stephanie Cipa East 200
East Daijah Sek East 250
East Jeffrey Robb East 350

Miller Hall and Bowler Hall Staff

  • Area Coordinator: James Workman
  • Phone Number330.569.5777
Hall Staff Member Room
Miller Julien Wildenheim Miller 203
Miller Nikkia Schady Miller 217
Miller Kelsey Morgan Miller 303
Miller Sherman Cox Miller 317
Miller Olivia Rivard Miller 404
Bowler Ketzia Umana Bowler 126
Bowler Kathryn Slates Bowler 210