Hiram College

Living on Campus

Living on campus: Engaging, Educational, Affordable

The benefits of living on campus are numerous: opportunities to participate in a close-knit residential community; immediate access to classes, student activities, and campus events; ability to meet classmates or faculty for spontaneous group work, informal study sessions, or just hanging out; a structured venue to experience group living, communal norms, and shared responsibility; and many more. Our financial aid packages make residential life a viable option for students. So it is our hope that you will live on campus and fondly call one of our many residence halls your “home away from home.”

Make Hiram College feel like home

When you partner with a member of our office, you’ll realize the services and support we can provide you are the cornerstone of academic and social success at Hiram. Whether you’re a future student or current student, we have a solution for you. Contact us to learn more.