Hiram College

Student Senate Officer Board 2017-2018

  • Shannon Enoch, President
  • Abigail Stevenson, Vice President of Administration
  • Katherine Geric, Vice President of Communication
  • Brandon Eddinger, Vice President of Finance
  • Andrew Lang, Vice President of Activities

Pictured left to right: Katherine Geric, Abigail Stevenson, Shannon Enoch, Brandon Eddinger, Andrew Lang


SHANNON ENOCH: President of Student Senate

The President of Student Senate serves as the guide of the Executive Board. She also sits on the CESC, or College Educational Steering Committee, which is a committee that discusses the present and future state of Hiram, and meets with the Board of Trustees.

ABIGAIL STEVENSON: Vice President of Administration

The Vice President of Administration leads all Senate meetings and fills in for the President in her absence. She also sits on the CESC and meets with the Board of Trustees, and she is in charge of all correspondence with Senators.

KATHERINE GERIC: Vice President of Communication

The Vice President of Communication takes minutes at every Senate meeting. She is also in charge of committee correspondence, should the Senate choose to make committees. Her position also includes keeping all records of Senate.

BRANDON EDDINGER: Vice President of Finance

The Vice President of Finance is in charge of all of Senate’s finance and club funding. He serves as the chair of the Funding You Board, as well.

ANDREW LANG: Vice President of Activities

The Vice President of Activities serves as the bridge between student organizations, Student Senate, and faculty and staff.  The VP also aids in the formation of new clubs and the careful monitoring of current club activities and funding.  He also sits on the Funding You Board.