Hiram College

Student Senate Elections for 2021-2022

Hello Terriers,

We hope you are doing well, whether you’ve returned home or remain on campus. Your student government is engaged in the election processs for the next next President and Vice President of Administration of Student Senate. The candidates, provided in alphabetical order by last name, are as follows:

• Running for President of Student Senate

I grew up thirty minutes from Hiram and with my mother being an alumni, we would often visit campus when I was little.  I have always loved Hiram since a young age and, to me, being elected Presidet of the Student Body would me I could give back to campus in a new way.  I am running for President of Student Senate to continue the positive changes we have been able to create as a Senate during the past year.  Senate has made some very successful strides this year from hosting our first Diversity Lecture Series, to beginning to pass real legislation through our body.  I hope to serve as President to better represent our student body in new ways and continue to make an impact on our campus.  One of the main issues I plan to address as President is overall student morale on campus.  Going into next academic year, we will most likely still be in the midst of this pandemic. As students, we are all struggling and I hope to use my position as President to increase resources for student’s mental health.  I also hope to host more inclusive and intriguing events that will give students a distraction from the ongoing struggles we are all facing. Hindsight is always 20/20 and I plan to use the feedback Senate has received from students regarding their feelings of burnout this semster to find a way to bring some form of relieve to student’s next fall.  As President, I will also work to bring student issues to administration in an urgent manner to ensure they are addressed.  Student Senate has made a positive impact on campus this year, but we can still do more.  We can garner more outreach with the student body to receive input on issues, focus more of our time on sustainability as well as accessibility, and finally, as a Senate we need to continue our work with the College’s administration and faculty to have student concerns heard.

As President, I plan to place student priorities and needs first and to advocate for every student concern that is brought forth to Student Senate.  I hope to serve as a voice for every student on this campus when interacting with our administration and to always speak for the views of the student body overall.

• Running for Vice President of Administration

Before answering why  I am running to be the next Vice President of Administration of Student Senate, I think it is best to introduce myself briefly.  My name is Trey Saunders and I am a sophomore here at Hiram majoring in Biomedical Humanities.  I have been on Senate for two years and have loved every second of it.  I was previously one of the senators of Miller Hall and currently serve as the senator of the School of Health and Medical Humanities.  Aside from Senate, I am heavily involved in Medicus and currently serve as the Vice President.  I am also an Eclectic Scholar, Out of State Peer Assistant, and a Garfield Center of Public Leadership Scholar.  Outside of school, I am an avid tennis player, passionate about anything related to medicine, and I also enjoy keeping up to date with our current world issues/politics.

Student Senate has been a huge part of my education since I was in the fifth grade.  Every year since then I have been involed in Student Senate related organizations in various positions.  I knew that in college I wanted to continue being on Student Senate and was excited to have the opportunity to do so here at Hiram.  I am running to be the next Vice President of Administration because after two years as a Senator, I am ready and eager to take on a larger role within Senate.  I believe all of my previous experiences qualify me to take on this role and I am ready for any challenges I may encounter in this role.

Student Senate gives students a vocie on campus and the chance to make positive change for the entire student body.  There are always things that Student Senate can improve upon, and I hope to be part of the next executive council to facilitate that change as your next Vice President of Administration.  I am the kind of person who always tries to do the right thing, advocates for change, and has a genuine drive to help others.  In high school, when I noticed students’ opinions not being voiced, I proposed and created the Principal’s Student Advisory Team.  This gave students a direct way to get their feedback and ideas to the principal so real changes could be implemented.  In this position, as well as on Senate, I have never been afraid to give feedback to the administrative figures on behalf of myself or the students.  I hope in this executive council position to grow as a leader and continue to be a strong advocate for the Hiram College Student body.  I am always looking to improve the life of those around me in any way that I can, and that is exactly what I plan to do if elected to be your next Vice President of Administration.  Thank you for your time.


Voting opened on Monday, March 22nd and closes at 5 p.m. on Friday, March 26th.  You can vote here.

If you have any questions or concerns about the election, please reach out to senate@hiram.edu and Election Committee Chair Destiny Smith.

Best Regards,
Hiram College Student Senate Executive Board, 2020-2021
Jeffrey Robb, President
Brendan Niggemeyer, Vice President of Administration
Destiny Smith, Vice President of Activities
Michael Dietzen, Vice President of Finance
Taylor Cook, Vice President of Communication