Hiram College

Student Senate

The Hiram College Student Senate is hereby recognized by Hiram College students as the official body for protecting student rights and interests; facilitating student participation in College policy-making; increasing the quality of students’ educational and academic experience; upholding the core values of the College in all areas of student life; facilitating communication between students and faculty, staff, and bureaucratic organizations; recognizing and funding student organizations; acting as the active link between the concerns of the Student Body and the administration; representing the student body in College Council meetings and all official college business; and striving to improve the welfare of all students.

Hi Everyone,

On behalf of Student Senate, welcome to our webpage!

Let us share with you a little part of our mission. Hiram College is its own small community: It encourages students to be active in their four years here. Student Senate is a key factor in keeping these active students busy and able. We interact not only with students, but with faculty and staff, as we are the voice to the administration.

In the beginning of the fall, anyone can decide to run for Student Senate. To do so, one must run, attain signatures, and be elected by students of the college. Throughout the year, these representatives work hard to make students happy and to help our college community grow.

We want you to be a part of Hiram College’s outstanding student community, and truly make it your own. Your experience here depends on you, but we will help you as much as we can to find your niche. Hiram will be what you make it. It is our goal to help make it the best and most memorable four years of your life.

So, please, come give us input or join our Senate team!

We meet in the East Hall Forum on Tuesday nights at 7:30 p.m.  Please come have your voice heard!  Visitors are always welcome.

Have questions?  Contact us at senate@hiram.edu.

If you want to talk face-to-face, visit during our office hours:

  Time Representative

11:30 am – 12:30 pm

Destiny Smith via Zoom


10 am – Noon

10 am – Noon

Noon – 3 pm 

Taylor Coook

Michael Dietzen

Destiny Smith via Zoom


9 am – 1 pm

2 – 6 pm

Jeffrey Robb

Brendan Niggemeyer


10 am – Noon

10 am – Noon

Taylor Cook

Michael Dietzen