Hiram College

Event Planning Resources

Need help planning an event, below you will find all you need to know about planning a successful event here at Hiram!

Planning An Event

Need to Request Funds?



Reserve the Space


Need Technology/Sound?

Donation Drives/ Fundraisers

Conducting a Protest,Vigil, or Demonstration

Anyone who wishes to stage a demonstration, protest, or vigil on College property should fill out the form below. After which the individual or group will receive contact and arrange a meeting with Center for Student Engagement and Campus Safety to discuss College policy, demonstration-specific regulations, and safety issues. Lastly, a space is to be reserved with the Special Events Office for the event. Protesters may be assigned to particular places on campus by Campus Safety Officers. The college reserves the right to control the time, place, and manner of events that occur on campus.

Common Program Cheat Sheets

These sheets provide you a “to do” list of how to plan a couple types of event from start to finish.

General Event

Marketing 101

Movie Night

Party No Alcohol

Party With Alcohol

Overnight Excursion

One Day Excursion