Hiram College

The Norma and Frank Fisher All Faith Chapel and Meeting House is a non-denominational worship space at Hiram College. The facility, which opened in May 2003, is designed to host the religious services and spiritual events of different theological traditions.

The concept for the All Faith Chapel grew from several discussions between the College Chaplain and a small group of students that began in fall 2000. The students, who represented Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Hindu traditions, worked with the chaplain to plan a building with useable space for all.

The result is a plain building with no religious symbols from one tradition, which would interfere with the worship of another. A moveable screen, stacking chairs, picture molding, and lighting are all designed for maximum flexibility in the worship space, while individual cabinets allow the organized student religious groups space of their own and particular investment in the building.all-faith-chapel

At the same time, the meeting room, including a small library, promotes interfaith conversation. In deference to the world’s major religions, one usage rule of the facility is that shoes must be removed before entering the worship space.

The All Faith Chapel and Meeting House is located on the site of the historic Tiffany House (circa 1857). The foundation stone and timbers from Tiffany House have been incorporated into the new design, and foundation stones are also prominent in the landscaping. A spiritual labyrinth and memorial garden are adjacent to the All Faith Chapel. Both serve as additional sacred spaces for spiritual contemplation and personal reflection.