Hiram College

Active involvement in campus life can have a definite positive impact on your overall experience as a student. The faculty and staff of the college enthusiastically support the co-curricular program and encourage students to participate in outside of the classroom opportunities.

Students ready to graduateIn fact, African-American students, like all students, are actively engaged in campus life through efforts such as serving on campus committees, Student Senate, and Residence Hall Leadership. As well, many African-American students participate in one or more of the special interest clubs and organizations:

  • The African-American Students United (AASU)
  • United Voices of Hiram
  • Kappa Sigma Pi
  • Phi Kappa Chi

For more information about additional Hiram clubs and organizations, refer to The Office of Campus Involvement website or contact the Director of Campus Involvement, Demetria Anderson, via phone at 330.569.5182 or email andersondb@hiram.edu.