Hiram College

Celebration of Excellence Award Recipients


Celebration of Excellence awards recipients are posted as they are made available from the bestowing department or organization. This section will be updated frequently during the months of April and May as winners are announced.

President’s Achievement Award

Satasha George and Rafah Hussain

The President’s Achievement Award is given annually to two students in the junior class whose academic records, campus leadership and devotion to the ideals and objectives of Hiram College distinguish their performances as outstanding. Students selected for this award have demonstrated, during their years at Hiram College, marked growth in academic achievement and in personal development. They have displayed sensitivity to the needs of their fellow students, to those in the College community and of society in general, and they have made constructive contributions to the solutions of these problems. In sum, the President’s Achievement Award goes to those whose records best symbolize the educational goals of Hiram College.

Distinguished Student Leadership Award – Dively

Rachna Prasad

The Distinguished Student Leadership Award is given annually by Hiram College in recognition of an outstanding senior student whose contributions to campus life have earned peer respect and admiration. The award recipient receives a gift of $1,000. Michael Dively, a former Hiram College Trustee, founder of the Gerald R. Ford Institute for Leadership in Public Policy and Service, three-term member of the Michigan House of Representatives and former faculty member at Albion College, is the founder of the award.

The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Award

Akiya James

The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Award is given annually by Hiram College to a student or students who, through the quality of his or her leadership and overall character, exemplifies a spirit of inclusiveness and an appreciation for multiculturalism and diversity. The value of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Award is based on investment returns and typically exceeds $500.

Yuksel Ismail Scholarship in Humanities

Not awarded this year

Established in 1986 by the Ismail family, colleagues, friends and former students, the Yuksel Ismail Scholarship honors the senior in humanities (humanities shall include classical studies, English, foreign languages, history, philosophy and religious studies) who best exemplifies the love of learning and high standards lived out at Hiram College by Yuksel Ismail, professor of languages and literature, until his death in 1986.

Phi Beta Kappa

Michael Dietzen, Emily Harris, Jacob Moncher, Mit Patel, Rachna Prasad, Jeffery Robb, and Margaret Stehno

Phi Beta Kappa membership has long been recognized as the highest distinction an individual can receive for scholarly excellence in undergraduate studies in the liberal arts and sciences. Founded in 1776, Phi Beta Kappa is the nation’s oldest undergraduate honors society. The official induction ceremony into Phi Beta Kappa takes place during the week of commencement.

Hal Reichle Memorial Award

Chelsea Hixon

The Hal Reichle Memorial Award is presented annually to an individual student who has demonstrated significant acts of kindness, generosity and compassion toward other human beings. The award recipient is chosen on the basis of humanitarian efforts, community involvement and volunteerism. The value of the Hal Reichle Memorial Award is based on investment returns and typically exceeds $5,000.

Nancy Moeller Award

Dawn Schuh

Established in the memory of Nancy Moeller, this award is given to the Center for Adult studies student who has maintained high standards while achieving the goal of a college education and in doing so, earned the respect of faculty members and fellow students.

Alpha Society

Alpha Society is one of Hiram’s highest academic honors. Membership is limited to students who have completed 12 or more hours of graded coursework at Hiram College and whose cumulative grade point average is 3.75 or better.

Alpha Society Graduating Seniors

Elianna Antoon Skye-Forest Baker
Jaret Barclay Matthew Bruyere
Katelyn Crosby Emily Daugherty
Riley Dearth Michael Dietzen
Erin Felvus Alysa Giudici
Emily Harris Kaitlin Hope
Allyson Hosler Anto Ivicevic
Hannah Lane Katelyn Lenahan
Kaela McMullin Jacob Moncher
Benjamin Moseley Ryan Mount
Timothy Murton Maya Pappas
Mit Patel Rachna Prasad
Kelly Ratliff Thomas Rink
Adam Risko Jeffrey Robb
Chelsie Rocco Charlotte Scherer
Dawn Schuh Emerson Schwarz
Allison Slutz Margaret Stehno
Riley Williams Ashonti Wright

Alpha Society Underclassmen

Matthew Albano Mahmood Al-Omeri Laura Alspaugh
David Angarita Logan Bailey Dylan Baliker
Ethan Barnes Kearan Barnett Sarah Batista
Rocky Biancardi, Jr. Jared Biller Marisa Bolton
Baylee Bonnett Julia Brooks Allison Buckles
Madison Buckles Donald Burton Rem Callens
Isabella Cambareri Kayla Campbell Mason Cebulla
Lisha Ciani Rebecca Cotterman Isaac DeVault
Briana Edwards Adam Ellis Meghan Falkowski
Lauren Felvus Jacob Fergis Heidi Fife
Sydney Finley-Houston Mackenzie Flaherty Julia Frank
Halley Fritz Isabella Galecki Caleb Giesken
Grace Gill Kaitlyn Goldan Miya Gotto
Holly Grable Elizabeth Grella Meghan Griffin
Armani Hall Patricia Harness Lauren Hildum
Allison Hoffman Skyler Huda Samantha Humphrey
Rafah Hussain Elizabeth Jaber Victoria Jackson
Lyndsey Johns Brett Johnson Camden Kane
Fayth Kawamura Jason King Carlene Kopp
Jacob Kowal Mary Landis James Lane
Julianna-Marie LeQuay Alexandra Lichner Alyssa Maraia
Joslyn Marion Marciano McCowan Camdyn Miller
Daphney Miller Jade Mongold Holley Moore
Jillian Moore Mackenzie Morrison William Muirhead
Amanda Murphey Julie Nalow Joshua Peaco
Andrew Pemberton Vincent Pernotto Sarah Peshko
Dennis Pranjic Tayleigh Price Bryce Pruszynski
Hunter Reich Morgan Rekstis Kellie Ristau
Gerald Saunders David Schmeider Cailey Shew
Grace Spehn Sydney Spitler Katherine Starr
Lyndsey Stocks Ryan Streator Jonathan Sturtz
Hallie Talbot Briana Troyan Emily Turk
Victoria Valetta Dana Vetrano Katherine Vogt-Shields
Linda Wasil Katilyn Wilkes Cole Witte
Bo Wen Ivan Yang Maggie Yarcusko Reece Zeigler

Eclectic Scholars Graduating with Honors


An Eclectic Scholar is a student who has spent their time at Hiram College following a course of honors classes and has met high academic standards throughout the Hiram career.  Criteria includes maintaining a GPA of 3.3 or above, completion of the honors program course requirements, and engagement in the campus community as demonstrated through active membership and taking on leadership roles in campus organizations.

Academic Program Awards 

These awards were presented, or will be presented, at individual departmental celebrations and ceremonies. They are listed here so all may partake in the celebration and recognition of excellence.

Art & Design Program Awards

Alex and Tamara Brady Pendleton Best in Show Award:

Jaiya Smith, Digital Drawing Triptych

Paul A. Rochford Award for Excellence:

Natalie Quarry, Paintings and Mixed Media Journal

Ellen Jagow Award for Painting:

Jimmy Thomas, Pair of Paintings

Abigail Flint Award for Photography:

Anna Dedecek, Series of Photographs

Award for Design:

Lauren Felvus, Digital Drawing and Notan Design

Award for Outstanding Work by Freshman or Sophomore:

Andrea Goodman, Ink Drawing

Juror’s Mention:

Dylan Jacobs, Digital Drawing
Lizzy Plummer, Painting
Abby Semick, Pair of Paintings
Grace Spehn, Video
Makayla Thomas, Collage

Biology Program Awards

James H. Barrow Scholarship in Biology:

Blake Erman

Established by the friends and students of James H. Barrow, professor of biology at Hiram College from 1957 until 1987 and founder of the James H. Barrow Biology Field Station. Awarded annually to a deserving student majoring in field biology.

Dwight H. and Trudy Berg Award:

Jacob Moncher

Established and endowed by Dwight H. Berg, professor emeritus in biology, and his wife Trudy. To be awarded to a deserving junior or senior biology major who has emphasis in botany and who is planning to attend graduate school in botany.

Eastman Kodak Company Awards:

Dathan Andrews, Noah Pharr, Kellie Ristau, Jaiya Smith, Emily Toich

Established by the Eastman Kodak Company to honor employees who are graduates of Hiram College. Awarded on the basis of merit to students majoring in biology.

Paul Smey Award in Biology:

Timothy Murton and Aaron Vojtus

Awarded to an outstanding biology major with an interest in medicine, the Paul Smey Award in biology was established by family and friends in memory of Paul Smey ’69, a distinguished pediatric urologist.

Thomas E. Lingafelter Memorial Award:

Alysa Giudici

Established and endowed by Constance Rullestad Lingafelter ’59, and friends, in memory of her husband, Thomas E. Lingafelter ’60, a devoted alumnus. Awarded to the student who makes the most significant contribution to the work at the field station.

The Kyna Barber Endowed Scholarship:

Alysa Giudici

Established with gifts provided by Tom and Ling Barber along with gifts from family and friends of Kyna Barber.  The scholarship shall be awarded to a senior student who has been admitted to a graduate program at an accredited college or university in a medical related field.  The medical related field shall be any graduate study, including but not limited to medical school, dental school, graduate nursing programs, medical research, or medical related microbiology, biotechnology, or biology/chemistry.

Grace Pickford Scholarship:

Carlene Kopp

Kelton Scott McMurray Memorial Scholarship:

Carlene Kopp

Biomedical Humanities Program Awards

Outstanding Achievement in Senior Seminar:


Outstanding Achievement in Senior Seminar by a Minor:


Carol Donley Scholarship Award Winner:


Chemistry Program Awards

Outstanding General Chemistry Student:

Jacob Fergis

Outstanding Organic Student:

Mason Cebulla

Outstanding Inorganic Student:

Amanda Murphey

Outstanding Analytical Student:

Madelyn Spehn

Outstanding PChem Student:

Alysa Giudici and Charlie Gullet

Outstanding Biochemistry Student:

Kendall Belcher

Outstanding Senior Biochemistry Student:

Mit Patel

Lubrizol Chemistry Scholarship:

Rachna Prasad

Jody Modarelli Scholarship: 

Meaghan Stafford

Paul Fall Scholarship:

Lauren Ashton and Kendall Belcher

American Chemical Society – Akron Section Outstanding Junior Chemistry Major:

Alexander Stevenson

Center for Integrated Entrepreneurship Awards

Fall ideablitz! Idea Competition: 

  • 1st Place: Geo-Ball | Michael Ewart, Noah Pilgram and Joseph Suarez
  • 2nd Place: Smart Waterbottle | Adnex Bumba, Fayth Kawamura, Tashauna Wright and JoRee Ybarra
  • 3rd Place: Smart Oven and Stovetop | Ethan Barnes, Evan Fairbanks, Jake Kamm and Cole Koch

Spring ideabuild! Idea Competition: 

  • 1st Place: Landfill Gym Bags | Tommy Rink
  • 2nd Place: Heels on Wheels | LaDhavion Duncan, Tobias Hass, Cameron King and Ashanti Wright
  • 3rd Place: Team Spirit | Dean Hoyle, Ashley Rutkowski, Zachary Shannon and Alexa Wilcox

Sustainability Award:

  • Landfill Gym Bags | Tommy Rink
  • Hiram Thrift Store | Blake Erman and Neil Robertson
  • Anyone Can Cook | Noah Wordell

Ronald W. and Thomas E. Lingafelter Memorial Endowed Scholarship:

Jaret Barclay

This scholarship is given in honor of Ronald W. and Thomas E Lingfelter, graduates of Hiram College.  The award shall be given to an outstanding student demonstrating participation in entrepreneurship studies, expressing interest in entrepreneurship, and demonstrating high achievement in scholarship, leadership and citizenship.

Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award:

Camdyn Miller

This award is given to students, chosen by the faculty, for outstanding achievements in the field of Entrepreneurship.

Communication Program Awards

Lambda Pi Eta President Award:

Kearan Barnett, Richard Furner, Alyssa Maraia, and Cody Wilson

This award is given to a student(s) who has diligently served as the President of the Zeta Lambda chapter of the Lambda Pi Eta, the official communications studies honor society of the National Communication Association. The student must prove to be reliable, organized and enthusiastic about the organization as well as the Communication program.

Computer Science Program Awards

Irina Lomonosov Award:

Anto Ivicevic

Presented to an outstanding senior computer science major.

Angela Guercio Award:

Aidan Moneypenny

Presented to a senior computer science or applied computer science major who has shown outstanding dedication to computer science and service to the department.

Oberta A. (Obie) Slotterbeck Award:

Joshua Dewberry

Awarded to a computer science major who exemplifies outstanding student research through an Integrated Research Component or other project.

Economics, Management & Accounting Program Awards

Claude Henry Crafts Achievement Award: 

Vincent Pernotto

This monetary award is given in honor of Claude Henry Crafts, a graduate of Hiram College. The award shall be given to an outstanding male with a B or better GPA at the end of his junior year. He should be majoring in the field of business or a related business field. He should be athletic, outgoing, friendly, and helpful. The recipient should be of upstanding good moral character and returning to finish his senior year at Hiram.

Ohio Society of CPAs’ Ambassador Award:

Camdyn Miller

An accounting student is chosen by the faculty to serve a one-year term as the Ohio Society of CPA’s ambassador. This student is expected to communicate to high school and college-age students the advantages and exciting opportunities available in the accounting profession.

Outstanding Online or Partnership Accounting Student:

Beverly Campbell

This monetary award is given to a student, chosen by the faculty in the department, who is majoring in Accounting & Financial Management through the Professional & Graduate Studies program. The student should exhibit enthusiasm for the accounting profession and excellence in the classroom.

Outstanding Financial Accounting Student: 

Hunter K. Reich

This monetary award is given to a student, chosen by the faculty, who has taken the financial accounting course during the current academic year. The student exhibits excellence in the classroom and a potential for further study in Accounting.

Allyn A. Young Memorial Prize: 

Lyndsey Johns

This monetary award is given to an Economics major chosen by the department who has demonstrated worthiness in his or her performance in Economics coursework.  It is awarded to students studying economics who show the most promise in handling analytical or quantitative techniques in economic analysis.

Ferguson Award:

Thomas Rink

This scholarship is given to a Management major chosen by the department who has demonstrated worthiness in his or her performance in Management coursework.

Tax Executive Institute Award:

Dawn Schuh

This monetary award is given to a student who has excelled in the Federal Taxation course, has completed a tax-related internship or is going on to graduate school with an interest in taxes.

Financial Executive Institute “Rising Junior” Award:

Camden Kane

This monetary award is given to a student at the end of his/her sophomore year who is majoring in Accounting and Financial Management.  The recipients are chosen by the faculty and must exhibit exceptional performance in the accounting coursework.  This student has already been formally recognized at an event held by the Financial Executive Institute.

Ronald W. and Thomas E. Lingafelter Memorial Endowed Scholarship:

Jaret Barclay

This scholarship is given in honor of Ronald W. and Thomas E. Lingafelter, graduates of Hiram College.  The award shall be given to an outstanding student demonstrating participation in entrepreneurship studies, expressing interest in entrepreneurship, and demonstrating high achievement in scholarship, leadership and citizenship.

Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award:

Camdyn Miller

This award is given to student(s), chosen by the faculty, for outstanding achievements in the field of Entrepreneurship.

English Program Awards

Grace J. Chamberlain Prize in Creative Writing:

Makayla Thomas and Andrea Goodman

Established in 2007 by Joyce, Robert and Dylan Chamberlain, the parents and brother of Grace J. Chamberlain, who died tragically in an automobile accident in 2006, this prize is awarded annually by the English department to a student who shows great promise in creative writing. This prize is funded annually by a Cleveland Foundation Donor Advised Fund.

English Department Book Award:

Trinity Meza, Rebecca Cotterman, Ian Johnson, and Lorna Metzger

Awarded to a student who contributes to the intellectual life of the English department in creative and often unrecognized ways.

Hiram College Writing Center Award:

Erin Felvus and Rhonesha Robinson

This award goes to the seniors who have made the greatest contributions to the Writing Center and the writing program at Hiram College. Both exceptional service to the institution and an extraordinary personal commitment to the study of writing are required.

John S. Kenyon Memorial Award in English:

Maya Pappas

Awarded to honor the graduating senior student in English who best exemplifies the creative and scholarly spirit associated with John Samuel Kenyon, class of 1898, professor of English, 1916-1944 and emeritus professor of English, 1944-1959.

The Richard C. and Jo Ann Murphy Underwood Endowed Memorial Scholarship:

Elena Pitts and Katherine Starr

Student who, in the judgment of the English Department, is a promising candidate for a career in journalism.

Howard Seymour Bissell Scholarship:

Lauren Hildum

A scholarship to be awarded each year to an outstanding Hiram student of English in recognition of excellence, based on merit, talent, achievement, and promise.

Carl Brown Memorial Scholarship:

Lauren Hildum

For the purpose of establishing an endowed scholarship awarded on the basis of good character, scholastic ability, and literary achievement with first preference given to an English major who gives evidence of a distinguished career in this field.

The Lee and Irma Cannon Memorial Scholarship:

Luis Berges and Maya Pappas

The Lee and Irma Cannon Memorial Scholarship was established and endowed by Mrs. Charity Cannon Willard, friends and faculties of the English and Foreign Language Departments, in memory of Lee and Irma Cannon, longtime and devoted members of the faculty who taught at Hiram from 1916 until their retirements in 1956 and 1954 respectively.  It is awarded to an outstanding junior, alternating each year between a student from the English Department and the Foreign Language Department, nominated by faculty members of these respective departments.

The Jonathan Estrin Annual Award in Creative Writing:

Darius Phillips

Selected by Creative Writing faculty, this award is given annually to a student who shows significant promise in the field of creative writing.  First preference for this award goes to a junior or senior creative writing major.

Environmental Studies Program Awards

Lubrizol Foundation Awardees:

Sandra Hahn and Collin Himes

These awards are made possible through the generous support of the Lubrizol Foundation to selected academic programs at Hiram College. Awardees in the Environmental Studies major are students who have demonstrated academic achievement, academic potential, or active engagement in the environmental field.

The David A. Cornicelli Memorial Scholarship:

Margaret Stehno

This scholarship was established to celebrate the life of David A. Cornicelli, a graduate from Hiram College who was very active in the environmental field. The scholarship is awarded annually to a junior student(s) majoring in Environmental Studies. Preference is given to students from Trumbull County, Ohio; however, if there is no eligible student from Trumbull County in any year, the scholarship may be awarded to an otherwise eligible student.

History Program Awards

The Russell L Caldwell Memorial Research Award:

Riley Williams

Established and endowed by former Wooster High School speech students of Russell L. Caldwell, 1929.  Awarded to either a history or communication major at the beginning of the senior year for research in the major field under the direction of a Hiram College faculty member.  The recipient will be chosen on the basis of character, creativity and scholastic achievement.

The Dorothy Garrett Martin Award in History:

Emily Tonks

Established and endowed by Frederick W. Martin ’64 and James K. Martin ’65 in honor of their mother. Awarded annually to a junior woman majoring in history as chosen by the History Department faculty.

The Thomas Mark Pytel Memorial Award:

Riley Williams

Established and endowed by friends and his wife, Gail Meyer Pytel ’66, in memory of Thomas Mark Pytel ’66. Awarded to an outstanding junior, alternating each year between a student from the Political Science Department and the History Department, nominated by the faculty members of these respective departments.

Phi Alpha Theta:

Erin Felvus, Haylee Huffman, Jacob Kowal, Quentin Moore, Benjamin Moseley, Hallie Talbot

Phi Alpha Theta is the National Honor Society “whose mission it is to promote the study of history through the encouragement of research, good teaching, publication, and the exchange of learning and ideas among historians.” Inductees are invited to join based on their academic achievements in history. 

Lindsay-Crane Center for Writing and Literature Awards

Lindsay-Crane Creative Nonfiction Contest:

  • 1st Place: “The Girl in the Red Room” by Lauren Hildum
  • 2nd Place: “A Kind of Beast” by Margaret Stenho
  • 3rd Place: “Bird Universe” by Rho Robinson
  • Honorable Mention: “Normal is Relative” by Leanne Dormer

Vachel Lindsay Poetry Prize:

  • 1st Place: “a poem about someone i least expected to write about again” by Rho Robinson
  • 2nd Place: “Lake Song” and “liminal space” by Kerry Hamilton
  • 3rd Place: “Shipwrecked” by Margaret Stenho
  • Honorable Mention: “Amor Fati” and “From a Broken Son” by Jack Longar

Barbara Thompson Award for Short Fiction:

  • 1st Place: “What to Burn” by Adam Ellis
  • 2nd Place: “Glare of the Morning” by Lorna Metzger
  • 3rd Place: “Carnival of Souls” by Lauren Hildum
  • Honorable Mention: “Under the Roses” by Xelle Starr
  • Honorable Mention: “Forgetful” by Trinity Meza

ECHO Student Literary Regional Competition: 


  • 1st Place: “Washi,” “A Ghost Recollects What it was Like to be Alive,” Helen Frazier, Hiram College
  • 2nd Place: “Lake song,” “Comfort,” “Liminal Space,” Kerry Hamilton, Hiram College
  • 3rd Place: “olives,” “I wanted to ask,” “Salvation,” Chayenne Powers, Heidelberg University

Creative Nonfiction

  • 1st place: “Heaven,” Rebecca Guhde, Marietta College
  • 2nd place: “Vow of Silence,” Casey Smith, Muskingum University
  • 3rd place: “A Trading Post for Lost Souls,” Kierra McClain, Bethany College


  • 1st place: “You, Me and a Can of Peaches,” Kierra McClain, Bethany College
  • 2nd place: “Under the Roses (Excerpt),” Xelle Starr, Hiram College
  • 3rd place: “The Pink Giraffe,” Julie Schlanz, Marietta College

The annual Echo Contest is open to undergraduate students currently enrolled at Bethany College, Heidelberg University, Hiram College, Marietta College, University of Mount Union and Muskingum University.  A panel of faculty from the partner schools judges the entries. Judges do not know the identity of the entrants, and judges do not read or evaluate the entries of students from the colleges or universities where they teach.

Nursing Program Awards

Department Honors:

Christabel Ampah, Matthew Bruyere, Megan Maddox, and Charlotte Scherer

Davina J. Gosnell Award for Service and Leadership in Nursing:

Carlee Lisser

Academic Excellence in Nursing Award:

Matthew Bruyere

Given to a graduating senior who has achieved the highest overall and nursing GPA.

Service & Leadership in Nursing Award: 


Given to a graduating senior who has made outstanding leadership and service contributions during his or her time at Hiram College.

Summit/Portage District Ohio Nurses Association Award: 

Charlotte Scherer

Given to a graduating senior who has demonstrated organizational leadership and service.

Hiram College Nursing Nightingale Nobel: 

Megan Maddox

The Terrier Talent Athletic Award: 

Kaitlyn Harris

The recipient of this award is determined by the nursing faculty and goes to a senior nursing student who participated in a Hiram College sponsored athletic sport for four years and maintained academic excellence.

Performing Arts Program Awards

Casey Award for Outstanding Senior Theater Student:

Not awarded this year

Andrew Hopkins Prize – Outstanding Instrumentalist Award:

Julia Goetz

Physics Program Awards

Arthur Wright Erskine Memorial Prize in Physics:

Ben Moseley

The Arthur Wright Erskine Memorial Prize in Physics was established and endowed by a bequest of Betsy Smith Erskine in memory of her husband Arthur Wright Erskine, class of 1907.  First given in 1958, the prize goes to the senior student who shows the greatest promise in the science of physics.

Political Science Program Awards

Pi Sigma Alpha:


Pi Sigma Alpha is the national honor society for Political Science.

Psychology Program Awards

Psi Chi, International Honor Society Inductees: 

Kearan Barnett, Allison Buckles, Emma Cromwell, Kie Detweiler, Chelsea Hixon, Rosalia Kalvitz, and Maggie Yarcusko

Psi Chi gives national recognition for academic excellence and offers opportunities for networking, scholarships and leadership development in the field.

Psychology and Philosophy Program Awards

The Thomas Wayne Grant Prize: 

Kearan Barnett

Annual award given to an outstanding psychology and/or philosophy student.

Athletic Department Awards

Athletic are announced at the Student Athlete Appreciation event. The athletic department presents several named awards each year to individual student-athletes in recognition of their athletic accomplishments.


The Pam Smith/North Coast Athletic Conference Woman of the Year Award (Hiram NOMINEE to the NCAC):

Giselle Bahena, Softball

Awarded annually to the outstanding graduating female student-athlete in the NCAC. The award recognizes a student-athlete who has distinguished herself throughout her collegiate career in the areas of academic achievement, athletic excellence, service and leadership.


The Don Hunsinger/North Coast Athletic Conference Man of the Year Award (Hiram NOMINEE to the NCAC:

Devin Houdeshell, Baseball

Awarded annually to the outstanding graduating male student-athlete in the NCAC.  The award recognizes a student-athlete who has distinguished himself throughout his collegiate career in the areas of academic achievement, athletic excellence, service and leadership.


Donald M. Campbell Memorial Award: 

Tom Supan, Men’s Volleyball

Awarded each year to the College’s outstanding male student-athlete. It was established in 1961, as suggested by the then editor of the school newspaper, as an award to honor the outstanding male athlete of the year. Named after the newspaper, it was originally called the Terrier Award. In 1970, it was changed to the Donald M. Campbell, Jr. Award to honor one of our former athletes who lost his life in a house fire while attempting to save his parents’ lives.


Helen M. Petrosky Award: 

Darian Kanno, Softball

Established by the Department of Physical Education in honor of a former faculty member and chair for 29 years, “Miss Pete.” Awarded each year to the College’s outstanding female student-athlete.

Herbert C. Matthew Award: 

Kilvio Montero, Men’s Volleyball

Awarded to a student-athlete for extraordinary athletic achievement and overcoming significant obstacles to excel in intercollegiate competition during their career at Hiram College.


Charles A. Henry Award (Outstanding Junior Scholar Athlete): 

Mackenzie Brannon, Women’s Volleyball

Established and endowed by family and friends in memory of Charles A. Henry, Class of 1920, this award recognizes an outstanding male or female scholar-athlete in the junior class.

Myrtis E. Herndon Award (Female Scholar Athlete):  

Giselle Bahena, Softball

Awarded annually to an outstanding graduating female student-athlete. This award is based on both academic excellence and athletic achievement


Bill Hollinger Award (Male Scholar Athlete):

Delanoe Harris, Football

Awarded annually to an outstanding graduating male student-athlete. This award is based on both academic excellence and athletic achievement.