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All graduating students must complete the following tasks in preparation for graduation to ensure participation in celebratory events and the Commencement ceremony.  The following ‘to-do list’ is intended to assure there is a clear understanding of what needs to happen as graduation approaches. Please review this information carefully and contact the appropriate office with any questions.


  • BE SURE YOU HAVE APPLIED TO GRADUATE  AND MET FOR A GRADUATION AUDIT. Those graduating in May must apply and meet for an audit by February 1. Contact the Registrar’s office at registrar@hiram.edu.  For further information, go to http://www.hiram.edu/academic-support-services/registrar/graduation-requirements.
  • BE SURE THE REGISTRAR’S OFFICE HAS YOUR CORRECT MAILING ADDRESS. The Registrar confirms each student’s current mailing address during the graduation petition meeting. If you believe that this address is incorrect, you need to contact the Registrar’s Office immediately. Commencement information letters will be mailed out in March to the mailing address you have on file in the registrar’s office.  Most importantly, this mailing address is used for sending your diploma.  
  • ORDER CAPS AND GOWNS.  Be sure to order your cap and gown through www.herffjones.com/college/hiram. The deadline for cap and gown orders is Friday, March 26.
  • ORDER GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS (OPTIONAL.)  Personalized graduation announcements are available to order through herffjones.com/college/hiram.
  • DIRECT LOAN AND PERKINS LOAN BORROWERS ARE REQUIRED TO COMPLETE EXIT COUNSELING BEFORE GRADUATION.  Log on to https://studentloans.gov/ to complete the Direct Loan Exit Counseling.  To complete the Perkins Loan Exit Counseling, log on to http://www.uasconnect.com.  Questions regarding the Direct Loan Exit Counseling can be answered by the Financial Aid Office at 330.569.5107. Perkins Loan Exit Counseling questions should be directed to Brett Riebau at 330.569.5119.


  • REGISTER FOR COMMENCEMENT WATCH PARTY TICKETS. Be sure to register for Commencement Watch Party tickets by Friday, April 30, using the on-line registration system.  Details can be found under Registration and Tickets.
  • CHECK YOUR eBILLS WEEKLY.  Beginning in April, check your eBills regularly for any outstanding balance that must be paid.  Any final charges such as library fines, parking fines, Health Center charges, etc. are continually added to your bill as quickly as possible so please check WEEKLY and watch for emails from Student Accounts and bills in the mail. You can access your bill on-line though eBill safely and securely 24/7 by logging into student portal and clicking on the eBill link. Payments can be made through the link on eBill, at www.hiram.edu/paymybill, at the Student Accounts Counter, or by mail. Hiram College reserves the right to withhold a student’s grades, transcript, and diploma if there is an unpaid balance.
  • INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS. Be sure to schedule a meeting with the Director of International, Study Away & Out-of-State Student Services to discuss post-graduate planning.


  • PICK UP YOUR CAP AND GOWN STARTING ON MAY 3, 2021 in the Bookstore.
  • JOIN THE ONLINE ALUMNI COMMUNITY.  As a Hiram College Alumni, you automatically join a career network of more than 15,000 alumni.
    • The easiest way to take advantage of this is through the online alumni community. Register at alumni.hiram.edu to connect with others in your career field and geographic area.
    • Stay in touch with classmates through your class page and blog, post an online class note, and let others know what you are up to. This is also a great way to keep Hiram updated with your contact information to ensure you receive all of our communications about opportunities for alumni.
    • Join the Hiram College Alumni Facebook and Linked In groups.  Just search “Hiram College Alumni” on both sites to find those groups.


  • ATTEND REHEARSAL. Attendance at Commencement Rehearsal is required for all graduates since you will receive full instructions about the academic procession and procedures.  The rehearsal will last approximately 45 minutes and will be presented via Zoom.  Seniors will receive a link when the rehearsal is scheduled.
  • ATTEND REQUIRED FINAL EXAMS. Students are reminded that the approval of graduating seniors at the May faculty meeting is subject to change depending on final exams results and final grades. Therefore, not attending final exams, unless explicitly excused by the professor, could result in not graduating on May 15.
  • STUDENTS NOTIFIED THAT THEY ARE AT RISK OF NOT GRADUATING  MUST GO TO REGISTRAR’S OFFICE TO CONFIRM GRADUATION STATUS. Any student who seems to be in danger of NOT GRADUATING (based on preliminary course grades) will be informed of this fact by phone, email, text or registered mail between May 11 – 14.  Students who receive such notices should contact the Registrar’s Office by Friday, May 14 to be certain they will graduate.
  • UPDATE REGISTRAR’S OFFICE IF YOUR MAILING ADDRESS HAS CHANGED. Diplomas for May graduates will be mailed by first class USPS delivery four to six weeks after Commencement. Please make sure before you leave campus in May that the Registrar’s Office has the correct mailing address on file since your location may have changed from when you completed your graduation audit.


  • BE ON TIME FOR LINE UP FOR COMMENCEMENT. All graduating students are to line up in cap and gown at Price Gymnasium located in the Coleman Sports Center. You MUST be there at 1 p.m. or risk not marching.
  • The senior class picture will be taken during the commencement ceremony.


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