Hiram College


Growing sustainability leaders and pioneers of positive social change.


The Sustainability Education and Experimental Design Scholars Program provides opportunities for students to have a positive impact on the world by making real changes right where they live. Over the course of the academic year, SEEDS work together to:

  • investigate campus sustainability problems and opportunities
  • design and implement real solutions
  • develop leadership and collaboration skills
  • help maintain legacy projects initiated by previous SEEDS
  • bring community members together for work and play
  • communicate about what they’re learning and doing in multiple ways

If you’re the kind of person who wants to help make your community the best it can be, enjoys working hard for causes that matter, and is reliable and motivated, then SEEDS may be for you!

About This Year’s SEEDS

Thea Angeli:

Class: 2018
From: Canton, OH
Majors: Environmental Studies & Educational Studies
Minor: Natural History
Fun facts: I got to hold a baby alligator during a Hiram study away. My dream is own a lot of land with a small house and a giant sustainable garden.


Addy Goodrich:

Class: 2019
From: Chagrin Falls, OH
Majors: Environmental Studies (and soon to be) Public Health
Minor: Chemistry
Fun facts: I enjoy traditional archery. I used to show dogs in 4-H. And I hate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.


Matthew Kyle Peterson:

Class: 2019
From:  Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Major: Management
Minor: Entrepreneurship
Fun fact: I am a published poet.

Debbie Kasper upsidedown

Debbie Kasper, faculty mentor:

Originally from: Seymour, WI
Major: Sociology (after exploring education, biology, and psychology)
Fun fact: I practice Ashtanga yoga. I love the way certain poses offer a different perspective on the world…kind of a physical version of the diverse points of view I take every day as a sociologist and environmental studies professor.

A look at what the 2016-17 SEEDS were up to…

Permaculture Project Wins Award

HPAC Scholars Day Competition

Below are a few snapshots of their work (aided by a lot of helping hands!) transforming one corner of campus into an ecologically beneficial, edible, and beautiful landscape.

(Check back in a few seasons for some before and after pics.)

For more information about SEEDS, contact Debbie Kasper at kasperdv@hiram.edu.
Debbie Kasper Headshot

Debbie Kasper, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Environmental Studies