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President Varlotta Participates in Presidents Institute

President Varlotta participates in Presidents Institute

At the Council of Independent College’s (CIC’s) 2019 Presidents Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona, a wide array of speakers and sessions explored the theme “Leading Strategic Change.” President Varlotta was one of 346 presidents to attend the event designed to assist presidents of independent colleges and universities in developing strategies and implementing solutions to challenges like shifts in demographics, cost structures, enrollment patterns, and perceptions of the purpose and value of higher education.

Presidential Leadership and Innovative Strategies for Fiscal Stability and Growth

One of three panelists, President Varlotta participated in a discussion centered around leadership and innovative strategies for fiscal stability and growth. President Varlotta and Marylou Yam of Norte Dame of Maryland University outlined innovative approaches used to meet financial challenges at their own institutions. Additionally, the two presidents discussed their processes for branding and marketing the changes. A third panelist, Lucie Lapovsky, principal of Lapovsky Consulting and former president of Mercy College (NY), followed with a discussion on pricing and marketing strategies utilized by other institutions.

President Varlotta discussed the comprehensive redesign of academic structures and major changes to the undergraduate experience at Hiram, conveying the ultimate goal: preparing students to become intellectually agile and socially responsible thinkers and doers who have a breadth and depth of knowledge grounded in the liberal arts and a demonstrated 21st-century skill set and mindset.

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