Hiram College

I am Hiram because Hiram helped shape me.

When I first stepped on the Hiram College campus, I knew it was a place of opportunity. As a transfer student, it was a second chance for me. Having a curious and creative mind, the liberal arts education helped me to think outside of the box, learning how to create products and solve problems. Through my business management and entrepreneurship courses, I engaged in discussions with professors and classmates that propelled my future. My involvement outside of the classroom in football and student organizations like the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, I learned the importance of balancing my time. All of my endeavors were supported by a strong and diverse social circle. Peers from around the world and of varying economic classes became my lifelong friends. From professors, coaches, and staff to friends and classmates, conversations were always intentional and everyone truly cared.

While obtaining my degree, I also worked to minimize gun violence with the invention of the Water Dodger in my college dorm room. The intent of the outdoor water toy was to deliver a splash like water guns, but also create competition like laser tag and paint ball. After graduation, I was given the opportunity to put my toy in the hands of children across the nation after competing and winning ABC network’s “The Toy Box” season two series. Water Dodger now sports a Mattel label and new name, Hydroshield. My time at Hiram certainly helped me not only with progression of my invention, but also my skills as an entrepreneur. Over the years, I have developed the skills of getting in touch and talking with customers, testing the market, and improving my product when necessary.

Looking ahead, Hiram has prepared me for my future and helped me find my focus. I love being challenged and continuing to learn – traits Hiram taught me that I will carry with me my entire life.