Hiram College

Learn More, Earn More, Spend Less Announcement

Hiram College has already earned national acclaim for changes it has made to its curricular and co-curricular programs. Collectively, those changes have become known as Hiram’s New Liberal Arts. On September 9, 2019, President Lori Varlotta announced the next phase of changes included in the New Liberal Arts: a new tuition model for the Traditional College called Learn More, Earn More, Spend Less. Slated to go into effect in Fall 2020, the new tuition mode has been designed so that students will learn more, earn more, and spend less.

The model includes the following:

  • A lower sticker price: $24,500 for tuition and mandatory fees before financial aid. This does not include room and board.
    • At this level, Hiram becomes one of the best-priced four-year private colleges within and beyond Ohio. Students are likely to spend less on tuition here than at other universities, especially private ones.
  • No mandatory fees.
    • Students can now see how “zero” compares to the mandatory fees charged at other institutions. They will spend less on mandatory fees here than virtually anywhere else.
  • Two free summer courses that allow students to learn more by taking courses year round.
    • Students can take a class outside their major to expand their thinking, concentrate on a difficult class that needs undivided attention, or add a minor.
  • Opportunities to get a paid summer internship or research project.

The College will be adding dozens of paid internships that satisfy Hiram Connect requirements, so students can earn more money and experiential credit at the same time!

President Varlotta announced the new tuition model with a panel discussion on September 9, which included Nancy Rubin, chief financial officer; Sherman Dean II, director of admission; and Dr. Brad Goodner, professor of biology and the director of the School of Health & Medical Humanities. Senator John Eklund also joined the event to deliver remarks.