Hiram College

I am Hiram because I know that I can take on anything I set my mind to.

Hiram has challenged me academically in ways I never thought possible. Through many of my science courses, I have found the classroom to be flipped—students work in groups of three to four while the professor meets with each group to answer questions. One class in particular, I would inevitably find myself in the professor’s office with many questions, hoping that he would be able to articulate each of the lessons to someone without a Ph.D. Patiently, he would answer my questions and quell the rising panic that often ensued when my questions led to more questions. However, I quickly found that those office hours were also a learning experience for my professor—he took a genuine interest in how I learned, and how he could help me accomplish my goals. When the stress of finals hit, he referenced the times in his office when we worked together to find solutions to problems and the times he convinced me that my stress was unfounded. He helped me to believe in myself and my desire to go to medical school.

My professors have inspired me to learn, challenged me to grow, and given me valuable life advice. They have inspired me through their passion for their chosen fields and their continual commitment to furthering the education of students. Their enthusiasm in the classroom sparked my interest in science, but their dedication outside of the classroom taught me that learning new knowledge is not the only point to a college education—it is the dedication that you put into your work that makes the knowledge worth it.