Hiram College

I am Hiram because I am part of a supportive community.

As a biology major with a pre-med concentration, I have spent much of my time at Hiram preparing myself for medical school. Through countless hours of studying for exams and relentless attempts to wrap my head around complex class content, I have never been alone. Rather, I’ve been surrounded by an amazingly supportive community of students, staff, and faculty. Without those around me, I have no doubt that I would not be nearly as successful as I have been thus far at Hiram.

In the classroom, students care about the success of their classmates. My peers are always willing to take time out of their busy schedules to help a student that might be struggling. It is common for students to have late night study sessions in the lab and one-on-one tutoring sessions in the dorms. My experiences have shown me that students at Hiram do not compete with each other, but instead work with each other to do well collectively.

Additionally, my professors have gone above and beyond my expectations. Many will come to campus on the weekends or in the evenings to meet with students individually or to hold group study sessions before exams. The connections between students and professors are strong, providing opportunities to conduct research and even travel. This past summer, I traveled to various parts of the United States and taught students from Pakistan, the Dominican Republic, and the United States about water-related environmental issues. My experiences with the program, Learning Streams International, would not have been made possible had I not made connections with a professor in my introduction to biology lab.