Hiram College

I am Hiram because I’ve learned to appreciate complexities and challenges in the world.

The right answer isn’t always simple. I can definitely say that my classes at Hiram have helped to open my eyes to the complexity of people and issues. I’m learning valuable skills in the classroom that help me approach problems and discussions in a way that is respectful of other’s opinions. I’ve also learned that teamwork is huge, and how to invest myself. I can accomplish anything I put my mind to—if I have an interest to pursue, I now have the confidence that I can teach myself.

Outside of the classroom, I have two jobs: a student worker at the circulation desk in the library and a student worker for Hiram’s Tech & Trek program. Through my work at the circulation desk, I am able to work with the library system, shelve books, and help patrons with questions about a number of topics. As a Tech & Trek student worker, I set up iPads for students, assist with technical issues, help students in finding the best way to use their iPads for assignments, and host training conferences and development seminars for faculty. At Hiram, I am encouraged to pursue my interests. I want to be a librarian one day, which is taking on new meaning in the world of technology. I appreciate books, but also the new ways of getting information through technology. I want to humanize technology—infuse the human aspect into it.