Hiram College

I am Hiram because I’m learning about who I am.

I came to Hiram expecting to leave with a diploma and some good stories to tell. Little did I know, those stories would stretch far past the hoped for. Many of my stories include professors and peers that have come across my path, but some unexpected characters have also come into play. During my freshman year, I started working with the animals at the Field Station. Some ask me how animals play into my career if I want to be an occupational therapist. My response is simple. Ever since I was a little girl, animals have been the equivalent, if not superior, to humans for me. When I am at the Field Station, everything else goes away, including the stresses of school, internal struggles and the hardships of life. In working with the animals, I believe that I am learning a lot about who I am. Not only is it helping me to develop as a student, worker, and a person, but it is also preparing me for my future career. By assessing the health of animals and the environment they live in, my observation and adaption skills have increased dramatically. In the future, this will impact my ability to help people adapt to illness and disability.

Hiram has also given me a home. I have my own family here, including my dog, Frankie who is an emotional support animal. Having my dog on campus has forced me to get out and explore—and I’m glad because I am able to see how peaceful and beautiful it is here.